Make Mondays Meaningful Too

If the lord affords you breath this day
Be dutiful and resilient
Learn from yesterday’s challenges
But leave past achievements where they belong
And focus instead on the road ahead

Forge new paths and explore new avenues
Be productive instead of leeching off others
Remember, what you receive for nothing is worth no more than the price you pay for it
And understand the difference between what you get and what you deserve

Know also that existence is a sequence of fleeting moments and lasting impressions
And life a realm of possibilities wherein those who cultivate the habit of always anticipating the most favourable outcomes get the most enjoyment

Therefore, imagine that you can do something
Think of how you would do such a thing
Visualise yourself doing it
Then picture yourself having successfully done so

For courage and fear both have their source in the imagination
That gift of creative impetus bestowed on all, yet not always equally exercised by man

4 Comments on “Make Mondays Meaningful Too”

  1. vivachange77 says:

    Perceptive line – “For courage and fear both have their source in the imagination”. For me I sometimes fear something in the evening. The next morning I find that I have courage to see my problem through.

    Liked by 1 person

  2. Perfect illustration. Thanks for sharing 💐


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