Consigliere’s Corner

I think I could turn a black rock into a trillion like Larry Fink

Never waste a moment, eye on the prize, dare not blink

Principal position, and make no mistake – always playing for keeps

So pretty please, let me take the hot seat; leave Hector on Stilts playing but hand me the manuscript – forget the drink

In law, or in love…

Better if we stay just friends
So we can tell one another everything without offence
Because I can’t be your man if it means I can’t be a man
Or have to resort to blue-pencilling
Besides, who said to commit, one has to omit?

In law, or in love
My freedom I place above all
You say the art already has my heart and I love myself too much to ever love you enough
Well, what can I say to that?
I just hope the fact we see things differently won’t drive us apart

Commonsense Rhetoric

It’s safe to say that most accidental discoveries are made by persons already engaged in some pursuit or other, is it not?
And opportunity is apparent only to the observing eye but non-existent to the dunce, whose ignorance is not only due to a lack of access to information but a misdirection of common sense, right?

Not only should you design of your domain, you must also find the materials with which to build, for what use is there in sculpting your own mind’s statue if your truths do not become the basis for your conduct?
Make room for yourself instead of waiting for others to first clear the path, for what is personal worth if not the sum of one’s own value(s)?

Do not form a habit of making otherwise avoidable misjudgements, for that only leads to the justification of misdeeds, don’t you agree?

Two Forked

It is best to exercise caution when following fashions. For one cannot be a maker of taste or a shaper of destiny by living up to others’ standards or complying with their constructs. 

Acquiescence is the child of ignorance and cowardice; while comfort, even cool will necessarily come about as long as you concentrate on self-discovery and the cultivation of innate passions.

If you have character, let not your conduct resemble that of the politician who impedes progress by preterition. In doing so, you spare consciousness the infliction that results from unfulfilled ambition or misplaced purpose. 

Critique self before the world gets its turn, that way your ego can take the burn. Live your ideal today because you never know when it will all end.

Trend Talk

Today’s efforts are in anticipation of tomorrow’s rewards; and a man of limitless ambition can only hope impartial posterity estimate the impact of his life’s work with fairness, or measure his ingenuity within a contextual framework that objectively determines the level of forward thinking he possessed for a man of his time.

Now, as a case in point, when Halley predicted the 1758 return of the eponymous comet, knowing he’d not live to witness the forecast, he probably hoped no one would deprive him of his well-deserved credit posthumous, but also wished that the interest in astronomy would remain fervent in order for the observation of his foresight to even come to pass.

All things considered, we can deduce that smart forecasting has its basis in the law of causality and that the men of grand ideas, irrespective of age or era, work towards the attainment of something greater in the future by seeking an understanding of the past while mastering the present.

Losing Limerence

You’re the one I see every time I close my eyes… lucid dreaming right before I drift to sleep at night
A habit hard to break despite the heartache it brings about at times

But how can I let go of perfection without ruining the ideal
And ain’t that what love is – if we’re truly keeping it real?

Still, without you I never know how to feel
Emotions all bottled up because only you can break the seal

But since what’s wholesome and good can also be hard to swallow like bitter melon
I’m embracing the pain, taking some time alone, and letting the memory of you erode so that my soul can heal


Spent the past several days in the lair
Spring sure put one in my step
Hadn’t felt that impassioned for a time to be fair
But as soon as the characters revisited… evolved and ready to move the plot along
Words started to pour out onto the pages
And I simply noted the contents of my imagination

It’s true that when effort matches expectation, an artist finds their flow
And I’m convinced my goal is one that’s quite reasonable and attainable
As long as I give it my all and continue to explore
I have no doubt destiny will have it so that the works I create be just as good, if not better than my idol’s

And not only is it conceivable, but by my own measure it is in practice achievable
On the condition God grants me another 20 years like he did him