The Fold

You can draw the sword once
Yet deliver many blows

But to beat the odds
You’d have to risk the rewards

And to stand out
Could mean stepping out of the fold

The Equality of Values

Language is extremely important to the interchange of ideas, just as much as money is to the interchange of value.

And words have long been the standard preferred in attempts to convey meaning, even though much is lost through their employment in this type of communicative process. Metals too, were used as money measured by weight long before they were considered indications of value as tokens through the coinage system.

So, just as the nominal value of token money in the form of subsidiary coins is typically greater than its value as simply metal, language too, is often inflated within specific contexts in relative comparison with its functional effect as a medium of idea exchange.

Flight of Fancy

high on a fantasy
of fulfillment in futurity

and all I imagine

you and me
in synthesis

Info MotiveĀ 

Candidly they talk
Or so it seems
But I know crimson stalks
Are covered by poisonous greens

Waiting for SunsetĀ 

Finding self is in fact the act of making self
And since error can only be found in the proof
The makeshift cannot maintain a permanent place on the shelf
Once exposed to truth

Nothing can hinder growth or jeopardise your pursuits
Unless it be your own limited mindset
So shoot for the stars child shoot
But don’t wait for sunset to try your best

Brain-based Bliss

Pay attention rather than seek it…
Nothing can be mastered without fulfilling potential or understanding your limits

Mind your own business
For, by doing this, you’ll be rewarded with the greatest form of all dividends

Is synonymous with patience
So practice your craft whenever time permits
Preferably daily
So that you’re never lacking inspiration
Since you’d have sharpened your wits and nurtured your predilection

Rather have no expectations
And only rely on your ability to adapt to different situations

O, what a simple truth
That we are but what we think
So reconcile your ideals with the reality within which you exist
And live as you’ve always wished
In brain-based bliss