The Mark of a Mastermind 

Self-belief is an indispensable companion
But only organised effort yields power
And there’s no chink in your armour that a little propolis cannot fix
But you have to be willing to work as diligently as the bee – not only from 9 to 6

So in all that you do
Make sure you give more than you’re paid for
And granted, gains will come a hundredfold, in your finest hour

Offer great value and be of honourable service
And those you help will in turn make your enterprise flourish 
Because no investment in promoting your offering
Gives you a better return than an endorsement by one who has already enjoyed the benefits first-hand

And if with your cooperation success is had by another
Consider yourself fully compensated
For there’s no greater satisfaction than that derived from making a meaningful contribution

2 Comments on “The Mark of a Mastermind ”

  1. vivachange77 says:

    I applaud how you express your values.

    Liked by 1 person

  2. Writing is the highest form of expression/action, methinks. A man’s mould is made up of the thoughts/energies that flow on to the pages by way of hand. And all the world and its functions are but that which humanity have been able to document in an attempt to gain consensus and implement. I hope I’m making sense. Thanks for the compliment. ☺

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