Waiting for Nought

There is more satisfaction in participation than anticipation

And it is true that volition begets action

So as you enter the New Year, be sure to follow through on your resolution

To Paint A Man

In the words of Cromwell, ‘paint me as I am, wart and all.’

Just as well, I shall.

But please – no expressions of regret, hurt, or waste withal!

Oh, no… anything brought to life is never dull!

Mark of the Maker

Be a model of good manners
And have sweetness of temper
Because beauty doesn’t last forever
But your character they’ll always remember

Peace From The Podium

It is the principle you pursue
Not the podium presentation
That is the mark of real progress
And true portrayal of personality






Status: End Equals Start

You cannot progress farther than your gifts will carry you
So, from ambition to attainment
Understand that earning is regulated by learning
And be the tool that tills your fortune
Always remembering that the forerunner of defeat is complacency
While not forgetting that you always land where you leap

Precedent should be a reference point and not something to preserve
So, operate on your own initiative
And do what you’re built for
By living the life designed for your definite purpose
Since no pursuit offers more favourable opportunities than you proffer yourself
And failure only exists where no enthusiasm for achievement persists

Whenever you try, others will vie
And when you aspire, others conspire
So don’t let their noises rattle you
Even loud thunderclouds are harmless too
And remember, it is not where you start but what you start that will ultimately prove your status

Elite Street

Dreams of palatial residences
In the South Seas
Fortified with stone disks
Like a rich man’s retreat
On the Island of Yap

Vistas of equity gains
On some black billionaire ish like Robert Smith
Working every day of the week
Because his only luck
Is the opportunity to accumulate some capital and become part of the elite

The Search for Serenity

To break out of one’s shell
Without being beside one’s self
Is doing it well

When there are no more stories to tell
Do you, by then, hope to be fulfilled?

Play the field if there’s plenty
But don’t be afraid to go beyond in times of scarcity

Love thyself
But know that self-love is an enemy

Experience gives the future meaning
So have no regrets as long as you’re still breathing

That’s serenity

Summer in Azania

Come experience romance
In the palm tree province
Under the sun, moon, and stars
You and I
Together all summer
Day and night

The Economics of Attention

Minds hacked using all kinds of perpetual bait
Social validation feedback loops replay
With no reset

It matters not how they do or say it
When susceptibility is our natural state
We may as well forget it