yoU aRe Love

Love on the brain

The digital domain
Avatar speculating…

Yes, nothing thrills like a new fling
But surely it’s just chasing that old feeling…

Forethought to the Forefront

Count them fortunate
Who fail while fairly young
And those who never lose fervency of resolve
But persistently pursue a desired outcome
Even after foiled plans
Taking lessons learned as the basis for informed action
To propel themselves forward

The Paper

He wanted to be a penman
But then realised he’d probably never be a top earner
So he made the quantum leap, to his advantage, like Dan Peña

First he worked to be independent
Making sure he’d never be a debtor
Then exercised efficiency of labour
Amplifying his passions with every endeavour
By committing to being a lifelong learner

Scheme of the Season

Occasionally shower those in positions of power with opulent favours
It’s a sure way to gain influence when sincere persuasion fails
But only do so with a clear conscience
So that guilt does not overshadow in the wee hours
For somewhere between thought and expression
Man’s good sense can get lost in the sea of impressions
Etched upon his mind by experience
But ultimately one has to make a decision
About the kind of life they want to be living
Since existence itself, in the scheme of everything, is but a season

(Excerpt from Lectures at 11 Lobby Lane)

The Purveyor of Profundities ii

They say you change every seven years
If that’s the case, I guess I skipped a few cycles then
Because me and this pen been friends about double that and some change
Or maybe it’s the one side of my brain saying the born great never change
When lines pour outta me again and again, or as and when
But sometimes I wonder if heaven needs rain… o, how I hate to explain
Other times whether the craft is even good enough for them to discern
Ephemeral confidence only leading me to make another attempt
Even begging the gods to gimme just one more sentence
Then thanking the forces for making me feel great again
Even if only in an instance

How To Hire Yourself Out

Once sustained demand has been ascertained for the skills which you possess, and you are able to offer terms as favourable as any in your line of work; every relevant party within the scope of your business ought to know of your ability, and must have confidence in your capacity for proper execution.

Passion, At Last!

you’re my
desired distraction
tacit temptation
sweet sensation

and I’m your
comfort companion
sobering connection
irresistible indulgence

but in reality we’re just
pleasure partners
a touch today, maybe a tear tomorrow
but in this moment it’s only us

Clock Chain

Without fail, the sun will give way to the moon
And if you don’t sow your seeds in the daylight
No doubt you’ll find it’ll be night soon

So do all you can with your time
As long as you do what’s right
For an idle mind wicked thoughts consume but never the sublime

Create when genuinely intent on giving value
For a rhyme unrefined becomes like the parallel line that never connects yet runs through
And as the clock tick-tocks, take stock of the chain of events, and you’ll find them to be the totality of tiny moments

Social Satisfaction

Nothing ruins confidence in mankind
And jeopardises human happiness
More than the neglect of obligation
Through a breach of contract
Since social satisfaction
Can only be had if one holds up their end of the bargain

Back in Business

Business is a distinctly different affair to other more trivial or sometimes serious engagements; often an activity conducted for profit purposes or for personal or collective improvement; it is a growth variant that has observation, imagination, and ultimately determination as the elements constituting its creative impetus; with satisfaction of material wants as its basis, attention and know-how its currency, and labour its backing.