Clock Chain

Without fail, the sun will give way to the moon
And if you don’t sow your seeds in the daylight
No doubt you’ll find it’ll be night soon

So do all you can with your time
As long as you do what’s right
For an idle mind wicked thoughts consume but never the sublime

Create when genuinely intent on giving value
For a rhyme unrefined becomes like the parallel line that never connects yet runs through
And as the clock tick-tocks, take stock of the chain of events, and you’ll find them to be the totality of tiny moments

10 Comments on “Clock Chain”

  1. Amazing poem! I love your work.
    As a fellow wordpress blogger, I have a question.

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  2. vivachange77 says:

    Wonderful strings of words and rhymes. I like the way your meters sound.

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  3. varjakBaby says:

    “And as the clock tick-tocks, take stock of the chain of events, and you’ll find them to be the totality of tiny moments” I really like the ending. I like the word “totality” how you used it.


  4. Hi Athena, thanks for the encouraging feedback. Please feel free to ask your question.

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  5. Thank you so much. I try to be subtle when it comes to the rhymes but often they are persistent.


  6. I’m flattered and appreciate your comments. I try to be economical with words and conscious of word placement while letting the contents of my thoughts flow out without censure.


  7. How did you grow your followers to the number they are now? Do you have any tips or suggestions to increse one’s blog reader base?


  8. I attribute that partially to having been on the platform a bit longer. Other than tips already out there, I’d suggest quality control, having varied yet consistent themes around your output so that readers know what to expect but still find refreshing material. Positivity and optimism cannot be understated. Staying true to yourself is requisite. Also knowing the true intent behind your blog. I personally don’t even think about the number of readers. It’s simply a medium for self-expression and if some people relate then great but I wouldn’t set any expectations. Write from your heart, engage with other bloggers, don’t put out material for the sake of it and just enjoy finding self through your work and you’ll somehow speak to the minds and hearts of others. Hope that makes sense. Not an expert 🙂

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