yoU aRe Love

Love on the brain

The digital domain
Avatar speculating…

Yes, nothing thrills like a new fling
But surely it’s just chasing that old feeling…

4 Comments on “yoU aRe Love”

  1. In the absence of a beloved, others do appear. Will they be mere replacements, for the one who is watching, from the other side?

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  2. Deep and intimate question/remark/sentiment. I reckon you have more personal experience to comment/answer. But my inadequate response would be: the ultimate ‘love’ we are sometimes lucky to have had but often cursed because we cannot forever hold. Having experienced my true version of it once upon a time, then losing her because she was never mine… she remains my greatest love all the same. I think being fortunate enough to have experienced that kind of love is all that matters. But the course of life is as that of love. Natural. Beyond our control.

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  3. varjakBaby says:

    You too.

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