Flag of Conquest: March Motivation

Imagine scaling a steep mountain face
For a million miles
Before reaching the summit
And flying your flag of conquest

Dream of buying up Mount Hampden
From the government
Forget the Pioneer Column
Set up own establishment

Because what is ambition
But a desire to influence
And motivation
If not the sweet science of directing energy toward an end?


Sky awash with light
A new dawn
Fresh beginnings in sight
And on the horizon
Everything looks bright

But the mind can only find its source of reflection
Once it acquires the power of clarity in thought and consideration
So to direct your predilection toward the upliftment of all
Should be your true vocation.

To have drive
Is such a delight
And with zeal and willpower
You don’t even need might… only to act right

Because even though revolutions can shake the structures of society
They seldom transform the mind of man
So to find pleasure in self-discovery
Is how you achieve fulfilment – whatever your orientation.

Being is a decision to live

Human nature
Is the most important factor
In the development of human conditions
And on a bright sunny day as this
One naturally had the optimism
Checking the balance on Binance
Then executing a few trades
Before heading towards the water on recess
To reset the mind
Refresh and strategise
Before making the day’s other decisions
Since ultimately making decisions
Is what we’re faced with
In the time of opportunity
Whatever the pursuit

Theory of the Capital Class

When the object of desire was simply sustenance and leisure
Capital was the servant of his labour
But when the focus became an increase in production
It ultimately became the master

So determined to succeed in business
He was like Reginald Lewis on a mission
And he never listened to the critics
Who themselves could not create

Since in his mind there existed no competition
Only those prepared to pay
Who always got their earned respect
Because money talks as the people say

All In (i)

Didn’t take a gekko changing its colours
For him to learn money was a b*tch that never slept
So he steadily became adept at maintaining a relentless work ethic
And ultimately got some

And she made him come
Though he knew she was not the one
For his first love was the pad beneath his arm
And the pen in his palm

So when the two started to go hand in hand
The passions became almost impossible to overcome

Still, questions about norms and human relations were never far from enquiring tongues
With talk of blissful companionships in the land of no qualms

But when it was all said and done
He found it hard to imagine he could ever have all in one

a fortnight into February iii

When the value we find in everything is but relative and derived
Is it any wonder romance in the face of decadence still thrives?


Bust like a Bernini sculpture
With the figure of a skater
Just what I lust after
Sylph in a loose silhouette dress
Subtle but fully loaded
Like my hardware wallet

Children of the Union

Every effort towards an end
May open a gateway to new interests
Still, one cannot expect to effect a change of mind
With a bribe or threat
And yet man continues on his perilous quest to dominate
While woman fiercely defends her honour in hopes of recalibrating society
Which if looked upon carefully
Is simply the animal kingdom in ascent
Or in actual fact its vilest state

Waiting for God at…

Wait not to be discovered
Instead prove yourself
And never measure self-worth
By another’s scale

Be weary of the voice
Which encourages an expedient choice
And work not for wages
But to impact the ages

A Week To Go Is A Week Ago

Suppose in order to live long
One has to have something to live for
Wouldn’t it be then in best interest
To build more respectable relations
And have less foes?
To have more food for thought that nourishes the soul
And less petit fours?

Because one part of education involves assimilation
And the other elimination
The value of information is always in its application
And it’s not how long it will take you but how far you will go
That will be the true measure of your work and all