Being is a decision to live

Human nature
Is the most important factor
In the development of human conditions
And on a bright sunny day as this
One naturally had the optimism
Checking the balance on Binance
Then executing a few trades
Before heading towards the water on recess
To reset the mind
Refresh and strategise
Before making the day’s other decisions
Since ultimately making decisions
Is what we’re faced with
In the time of opportunity
Whatever the pursuit

4 Comments on “Being is a decision to live”

  1. Excellent meditation on the essentials of being. =)
    Excellent digs, too. Love the view.

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  2. Hi bud, long time. Thanks man. Hope you’re well.

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  3. <smile> Yah. It’s been a while. Thought I’d stop over for a visit. Still as thought provoking and illuminating as ever. So you seem to be doing well. =)
    Too much working, not enough playing and exploring, for me, lately. But come May…
    I have managed to resume my postaday+ pace after falling off last, er, fall. 😉

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  4. It’s been hard keeping up with everything here too. Working non-stop but really can’t complain. Looking forward to catching up with your creations too ☺️

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