Sky awash with light
A new dawn
Fresh beginnings in sight
And on the horizon
Everything looks bright

But the mind can only find its source of reflection
Once it acquires the power of clarity in thought and consideration
So to direct your predilection toward the upliftment of all
Should be your true vocation.

To have drive
Is such a delight
And with zeal and willpower
You don’t even need might… only to act right

Because even though revolutions can shake the structures of society
They seldom transform the mind of man
So to find pleasure in self-discovery
Is how you achieve fulfilment – whatever your orientation.

5 Comments on “outside-the-tunnel-vision”

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  2. vivachange77 says:

    Thought provoking picture facing into the light. I think it is an apt reflection of the intention of your poetry.

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  3. Each one creates a revolution within self, or not.

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  4. Thank you love 💓


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