Flag of Conquest: March Motivation

Imagine scaling a steep mountain face
For a million miles
Before reaching the summit
And flying your flag of conquest

Dream of buying up Mount Hampden
From the government
Forget the Pioneer Column
Set up own establishment

Because what is ambition
But a desire to influence
And motivation
If not the sweet science of directing energy toward an end?

6 Comments on “Flag of Conquest: March Motivation”

  1. varjakBaby says:

    This was really, really fucking cold. You’re compromising. Ambition is NOT manipulative. Motivation is NOT an dead, objective direction. There’s more out there. I like your objectivity but I think you are missing the point and just a voice of death. Thank you for the information.


  2. Number 5. As I sit back on my sofa, trying to read through my reader of those I follow, after not having done so for over 2 years, most of which is scrambling my mind, which is a result of why I’ve been gone for 2 years, and then I see a title, a post, an energy, that pulls me to it (this is number 5), and upon reading it I’ve been finding, that while my recent post isn’t the eloquent writing, or filled with the depth or giddy as I once posted like, the message behind my post seems to be something that’s been Universal among the 5 I’ve now come across. How wonderful, truly obvious, to see the collective consciousness aligning with the same messages, no matter the reason why or thought that’s provoking it. I loved your post, this post – triumphant! Blessings & Blissings, Kimba

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  3. Hi Kimba :), truly appreciate the love. See, you were never gone after all… good energy always flows. I read ‘Somewhere’ and you’re absolutely right – same wave, same frequency. And your writing is immaculate. Thanks for reconnecting. More blessings, more life!

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  4. Hi ‘varjakBaby’, thanks for the feedback. You own your interpretation and one can appreciate that. For what it’s worth, death too, can be viewed from a different angle. And if by it comes an end to vile sentiment and unproductive attachment then suffice it to say, I may be a voice intolerant of self-deprecation and weakness. More life to you. Love will shine through!

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  5. Ambition and motivation are, indeed, goal-directed. The trick is in having a goal that does not repel too many others, but instead, draws them in.

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  6. Well said my friend. Hope the year is going well for you. Peace and love!

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