Purpose is a Principle

Few will ever make names that stand the test of time
And several will outlive their fame
Still, many never reach the finish line
For they toil with no aim
So, blessed or cursed, purpose they never find

Half Dust, Half Deity

Never wait for chances
Just take some
And surrender to nature
Remember, you’re simply a speck of its grandeur
Even with all your magnificence

And in doing so, you’ll also conquer the ego
Maybe even discover the essence
Which is after all one of life’s greatest challenges

Mainstay Minutes iv

In the writer’s lair
Locked in for days
Pressing pen to the max
No need for hand rests

Besides, can’t suspend facts
Gotta learn quick and think fast
Because see, glory is a thing of the past
And only a true telling can make an impression that lasts

So no rest, no fuss
Simply a switch of the wrist
After all, can’t help it I’m ambidextrous
And will do whatever it takes to secure my stake

Heard them say life is a bit*ch
But never quite understood it
Because over here everything’s bliss
Enjoying the fruits of taking full responsibility

But of course one is prepared to sacrifice
Sleep, sometimes worse
Connections one would rather not break

Fair to say, such is the way of devotion
A thing for some, still hard to fathom
Even when it’s clear there’s unwavering dedication to an art form

Verse for Jess

sweet and soft like a marshmallow
such tenderness
how can I let go?

when I’m with you

feels like home
no cares nor stress
when in our zone

guess it’s not too much for you to ask
for commitment

besides, when without you

feel so lovelorn
no happiness
only emptiness

so strap the leather round my leg
don’t wanna fly
if I can’t nest here

lay your head on my chest
and please don’t cry
I’m not going anywhere


Who will help
One who through the dissociation of self
On social media
Suffers from online personality disorder?

The Sandton Times

I’m no Jim Ovia
But my focus is at its zenith
Got no time for trivia
Only into big things
The name is Heath Muchena
And you’re welcome here… On The Heath


First create a trust
As if you were John Astor in the flesh
Because you see, most people love the meaty stuff
Forgetting that the fur is what could fetch for them the most amount of cash
Enough to afford them their primal preference
And even more at a later date
When they are no longer surfeited
Thus, providing them with the best return in the long term

And it must, perforce, be that
One has to settle for less
Before they can raise their requests
Save for those who have high expectations of others
But set low standards for themselves