Cotton Mallow

breath to the living
and strength to the willing

peace to the dead
and blessings to god’s children

but woe to the man of inaction

God’s Glory

Musings from the East

When one observes the art of living in relation to vital statistics

It appears that the standard of life is directly correlated to the growth of a population

And it is quite evident that the more prosperous a society, the greater the emphasis on a higher standard of living

Or the pursuit of lifestyles that offer an improved quality of it

So, even if not completely determinate

One can hardly disagree with the fact that the apparent preference for controlled procreation

Has its roots in the desire to strengthen the will to maintain and even improve the attained progressive standard

And it is no surprise then that one will also observe

That the less fortunate tend to have larger families on average than those more favoured

Which leads to the conclusion that the rate of increase inversely varies with the power of maintenance

It is also interesting to note that the age at which one achieves their maximum earning capacity tends to affect the age at which one settles down or decides to bear children

So the unskilled labourer will reach the peak of their earning potential much quicker than say the more skilled professional which could be the reason for the aforementioned disparity

The Search for Substance

When he finally understood the principle of value and momentum

He found the resolve to captain the continuum

Realising average wouldn’t cut it

And the rank of humble seafarer was distinctly undesirable

That it became his primary interest

To manage the capital like Cliff Asness

It was all work and no rest

She wanted to him to slow down, settle and get married

He wanted to run ventures like Michael Moritz

And nothing was going to distract him, it was not an option

So he dared not lose his focus

For it seemed security was the only way to bliss

And it’s fair to say the world had turned him into one who perceived it just like this