Battlefield Greens

true success
is achieving one’s aims
without infringing on the rights of other citizens

and victory in essence
entails upholding universal truths
not simply triumph over opponents


Don’t get me wrong

I, too, want your love and affection

And I’m only tight on time

Because I’m consumed with ambition

Things more than a decade in the making…

Living my purpose, that’s what’s always on my mind

And in my opinion, there’s really no need for all this tension

Since my passion for you, although of a kind totally different

Is just as strong


She said:
Bad man
You’re no good for me
But I want your love all the same
Just keep making me weak at the knees
And I’ll pretend you’re the man of my dreams

Bag Blurb

Hustle hard
As if you are Ken Jacobs of Lazard
And secure the bag
Like a member of the Bilderberg
Only after that
Can you even begin pursuing anything other…

Passes on Paper

Ideally, money should furnish a populace with the means of applying their faculties in industry and commerce; while the right education empowers them to establish the appropriate premise on which to advance their civilisation.

However, in reality, pecuniary pursuits often have people primarily playing for position and power; perhaps due to the unproductive propensities promulgated by the poor architecture of their system of education.

Writing Words on Windows

opportunity exists only in a window of time
so do your best to stay on trend
and don’t get left behind

it takes a while for a grape to turn into wine
so invest more than you spend
and don’t forget to pay your tax and be kind

Coin Carol: The Block Is Hot

the deal was sealed and time bound
now all they had to do was confirm the hash timelock contract
to complete the smart atomic swap

and it was on this basis
that they could make a fair exchange
with no middlemen
and all being transparent
that there was left no room to question

the system was absolute
like a grave from where there can be no inquisition of life