Dreams in Dereliction

ambition without concentrated effort

attempting an undertaking without proper preparation

anything of that sort

results in many a dream ending in dereliction

Pondering Progress

Another year gone past

And though with self I never lost touch

Still, can’t help wonder about raison d’ĂȘtre

Still question love

Still try to take the view from above

But all’s well that is right

That’s the perspective I have at this point in my life

Grow to Glow

So sublime
These times
The climbs and descents
The climes and landscapes

As I approach the youthful peak
Of thirty-three
like Jesus the Nazarene
I know that to live forever is but a dream
And dreams never die

No Hustle, No Haters

The ones who are neither persistent nor resilient are often the quickest to pass judgement and discredit.

To them you should never listen, for they cannot walk a mile in your boots, have not paid their dues, so their opinions are in essence irrelevant.

Learn to Laugh at Life

Anchor Bay

Peace is all I seek
And money is the only *itch I never want to leave