2196, Saxonwold

only the brave and the bold make it here
that is true
so it should be known too
that conquests by capital
are always intricate affairs
but one thing for certain, my dear
ain’t no common cubic crystal fool’s gold over there
in eGoli
perhaps a two-tone classic chrono if it at all looks brassy yellow
not that you and I care
o, but of course we do, don’t we? we care
for we don’t possess the time to understand
the theory of the leisure class
and can only afford curiosities about the wonderful world of riches
and dream of the splendours and sprees
or what it seems to all on the outside looking in
and so we all want a piece of it
and you do too, don’t you?
well then, let’s meet at 2196…
it’s only up the street!
but I can’t promise you’ll find the peace
that deep inside I know you seek

8 Comments on “2196, Saxonwold”

  1. Peace can never be found in a location, or in the company of certain ones. It can be found only by taking that little piece of heaven that lies within, and polishing it.


  2. varjakBaby says:

    I still find it so cool that your write poetry about basically economics. Such an underpursued topic imo. Thank you!


  3. vivachange77 says:

    Wonderful understanding of people and things money can buy, Heath. I like especially the last two lines.


  4. What more can I say, you said it all. True!

    Liked by 1 person

  5. I appreciate the feedback. I find in economics the source of much of man’s motivations.


  6. Your feedback means the world, thank you for the encouragement.


  7. The “haves” do need to show something for their status, and the “have nots” do need a dream… albeit unattainable.
    Bling… is the common denomination for both… even though they’d do better pursuing other things…
    I like your blog…. it makes rich and poor and money and bling sound like actual literature. 🙂


  8. You are right. I totally agree 😁 oh, and thank you for the kind compliment 💐

    Liked by 1 person

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