to gain the world’s applause is never easy
but to gain the approval of one’s own conscience
without reservation, is of even greater difficulty

so, seek first, satisfaction in self-approval
and no one can put a price on your self worth

let your own estimation be the measure of success
for if not, and you unwisely surround yourself with subservient sycophants
it’ll be short-lived, surely!

4 Comments on “Scales”

  1. vivachange77 says:

    I appreciate your wisdom. Recently I’ve gone through getting out of a group that doesn’t suit me and now congratulate myself as I breathe in my own space.


  2. Yes, the world’s admiration is short-lived, as any of a number of heroic figures could attest, all too well.


  3. So glad to hear that. It takes an uncommon courage to extricate oneself from diminishing spaces.


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