Hustlers & Hymns

take charge of your money bud
and never trust the big banks like these chumps
hell, getcha a lil’ Bitcoin or some…
and if that’s not aligned with your risk appetite then rather bury some in the dust
whatever you need to do to protect your wealth

as one must

just saying… don’t be part of the bail-in, I’m tellin’ ya son!

heard that…

just the other day
Jerome was in the media house


yeah man
and guess what?

he was watching his mouth?

you’re damn right, he was!

(together) awww! (chuckles)

been telling you since day
the Fed ain’t got the answers man

too true!

but we still gotta put the little we have to work and double up

on God!

believe that!
just flip to Matthew 25 verses 14 to 30 and you’ll see

say no more, let’s get it!

Sketch for a Theory of Persistent Passions (vi)

Work more and worry less
For in waters below lies the treasure chest

Although nothing is sacrosanct in the face of change
As you evolve, always give history and precedent its deserving acknowledgement

Think more and talk less
For to commit with the tongue first, before you thoughtfully assess, can result in mistakes and regrets

Remember, nothing maintains permanence, not even fact
And without passionate conviction, a truth established, can never set

Sayings For Sale, Still!

Ellesse fits
Receipts and wires bounce back and forth like balls off tennis rackets
Man, who could have imagined?
I think one once said “The mind cannot foresee its own advance”
Reckon that was Friedrich Hayek
Whatever the case, no time to fact-check
Gotta make this appointment at the bank
Gotta cash my cheques
Gotta get sustenance

Mind on success
And yes, I hear them talking reckless
But I never listen
And respectfully, I could care less for their opinions

Besides, I know hard work will never bring disgrace
And one thing I know… they won’t outwork me
No – not a chance!
Because I keep at it
And art is just a habit
No secret to staying revelant
Never stat checking
Never concerned with measurements
Focused on the race
That I’ll win at my own pace
Under rules I dictate
For heaven’s sake
Call that ignorance
But how can they claim my truth makes no sense
When they lack the capacity to comprehend
And I dare them prove me wrong
Write back a verse
And I’ll be sure to write back in a few minutes
The same amount of time it took me to pen this… shhhh.

On Priorities & Progress

precedents are always worthy of study
but nothing beats originality
as long as it is effective in expression and impression
for then it has the power to attract attention

the setting of priorities
is in practice part and parcel of achieving a balanced bias
like perfecting the parlance which will appeal to the persons
before whom you shall pitch or proselytize

progress implies
being prepared to put aside yesterday’s pride
and accepting fresh findings
brought ashore by the morning tide

Ever Enough?

life is as much about getting on
as it is about getting up
and there’s no happiness to be found in comfort without pursuit
no appreciation for the pristine if there’s never soot

so carry on and make no excuse
put your body and faculties to task as you must
but never go against your conscience
so that experience, as you amass, is fulfilling
and life is wholesome in its totality
and existence simply enough

Another Beginning

sometimes looking back is moving ahead

since a true reflection can result from forward thinking

so, do reinvent, but only if it stands you in good stead

and exercise thinking – always staying true to the feeling