Sayings For Sale, Still!

Ellesse fits
Receipts and wires bounce back and forth like balls off tennis rackets
Man, who could have imagined?
I think one once said “The mind cannot foresee its own advance”
Reckon that was Friedrich Hayek
Whatever the case, no time to fact-check
Gotta make this appointment at the bank
Gotta cash my cheques
Gotta get sustenance

Mind on success
And yes, I hear them talking reckless
But I never listen
And respectfully, I could care less for their opinions

Besides, I know hard work will never bring disgrace
And one thing I know… they won’t outwork me
No – not a chance!
Because I keep at it
And art is just a habit
No secret to staying revelant
Never stat checking
Never concerned with measurements
Focused on the race
That I’ll win at my own pace
Under rules I dictate
For heaven’s sake
Call that ignorance
But how can they claim my truth makes no sense
When they lack the capacity to comprehend
And I dare them prove me wrong
Write back a verse
And I’ll be sure to write back in a few minutes
The same amount of time it took me to pen this… shhhh.

One Comment on “Sayings For Sale, Still!”

  1. vivachange77 says:

    I applaud your style, Heath. 🙂


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