Hustlers & Hymns

take charge of your money bud
and never trust the big banks like these chumps
hell, getcha a lil’ Bitcoin or some…
and if that’s not aligned with your risk appetite then rather bury some in the dust
whatever you need to do to protect your wealth

as one must

just saying… don’t be part of the bail-in, I’m tellin’ ya son!

heard that…

just the other day
Jerome was in the media house


yeah man
and guess what?

he was watching his mouth?

you’re damn right, he was!

(together) awww! (chuckles)

been telling you since day
the Fed ain’t got the answers man

too true!

but we still gotta put the little we have to work and double up

on God!

believe that!
just flip to Matthew 25 verses 14 to 30 and you’ll see

say no more, let’s get it!

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