The Ilk of Humankind

He wanted to sleep in the sky
Like an Alpine swift
She was happy getting by
And experiencing consciousness shift…

He had seigniorage shares in a distributed bank
She strongly despised the champagne glass effect…

He deemed time a gift and held on for dear life
She wasn’t afraid to die…

His reputation rested on a delicate plank
She’d never lie…

4 Comments on “The Ilk of Humankind”

  1. vivachange77 says:

    A really good one, Heath.


  2. AisforAudra says:

    I like this one! Sounds a lot like, a He and I! “One day we will lounge, together in bed, just you and I, with the sky”. Thanks for sharing! glad to have found your WordPress words!


  3. Much appreciated 🙏


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