Reach (Text Format)

Be responsive and not simply reactive

No one need beseech you to take the leap

Because more than faith and math

Beyond impetus and the aftermath

What truly matters is that

As the market shifts

You too adapt and switch

Perhaps demonstrate your value with a different pitch

For even that which is on course

Sometimes needs to be sped along its path

While still avoiding the ditch

So that through the experience character can be enriched

And only then can true potential be reached

The Nature of Odds

be strategic with asset selection

and smart about how you position yourself in a market cycle

because riskier assets can’t be counted on for greater returns

as the contrary view naturally invalidates the higher risk claim

but remember, most assets can become cheap enough to be decent investments

on the other hand, they can also become so expensive that they turn into bad ones

which is why the prevailing wisdom is ‘buy the bottom and sell the top’

to achieve this in practice however, requires not only a selection of the right assets

but an emotionally stable disposition for appropriate and timely execution

although doing so doesn’t guarantee the odds will be in one’s favour

for if the future could be predicted

then there’d be no risk factor

so acknowledge what you don’t know

and recognise that no advantage can give full market control

that way you’ll understand without bias

the true nature of odds

Love Again

Carmen cared
But it was complicated

Kim was committed
So can’t blame the distance and have to admit
I just wasn’t ready for marriage

Ivy had heart
But we grew apart

Tamara was sweet
But in the end we wanted different

Shae was passionate
So a minor misunderstanding would come to spell the end

Cookie was loyal
Truly a good friend

And to the wonderful women
Who taught me all I know

I’ll forever be thankful
For you gave me hope

When I thought I couldn’t love again
You proved me wrong

Now I’m blessed to have found her
And it feels good to be home

A Diamond on Death row (ii)

While scores die trying to make a dime
The select wealthy of the world like Ehud Arye Laniado
Lose their lives over lack of self-esteem
So naturally when one stops and thinks
Without judgement
But instead putting things into perspective
And questioning
Whether one would trade his big dick to be as rich
Whether one ought to be happy and satisfied with whatever God gifts
Whether a cushion-shaped blue diamond or fancy vivid (to be specific)
Could afford one the joy he gets from creating
And the answers could be no, yes or maybe
But truthfully
Only pure intention and a warm sensitivity
Guided by love for self and all living things
Can ever bring about peace that’s everlasting

Silent Strategies & the Echoes of Execution

the Kelly criterion was his formula of choice for sizing bets
when dealing with the collective illusion of current versus future value
and so he approached his goals and endeavours with purpose backed by labour
to avoid being like the futurist who knew too little of the past he purported to be projecting

took the gold and the silver
all the gems and all the pearls
and in return gave them paper
some dollars and yen
sterling and yuan
but that made no difference
for it was all the same

same scheme
same game
since way back when Kublai Khan reigned
which meant that the battle had already been won