The Tycoon Times

Whatever your endeavour

Remember, a revolution that won’t trigger a strong reaction

Can never bring about reformation

So pursue your passions with vigour

Captivate every listener and patiently build pillar by pillar

Never forget that every season has a frequency

Adapt, tune-in, be responsive

Anticipate unexpected developments

Forecast, focus, embrace the future

Make moves like Maurice Ashley when you maneuvre

Stash your cash, secure your assets and give to Caesar

Fill your safe with treasure but leave room for a harpoon

Because in business it’s best to stay sharp and on guard when swimming with the sharks – tycoon!

King On A Cross

“I’ll die for mine
Nothing can deter my drive
Success, if not sanity, is the salve of sunshine on a dark night
So I make no asinine excuses
Only move forward with might”

The Question of Value Investing

In our efforts to escape the stringencies of lean purses, we sometimes take upon ourselves the task of making ‘investments’. However, in our doing so, we often make many misjudgements, which almost all the time result in painful losses.

But in a labour market that rewards expedience and recognises vigour not verity or virtue; in a global market place that tolerates not a moment of vacillation, what could be more exigent than the avoidance of vicissitudes brought on by non-viable value determinations?

Now, how are we to determine value in realms of speculation? What are we ought to consider aside from the merits of any given proposition, its problem-solution, the market size, supply and demand, market cycles and forces of timing and sentiment, risks and rates of return? What should we pay attention to outside the ambient?

Waiting on Time

let’s not self-deceive
imagining a lack of time is why we haven’t obtained certain achievements
because we cannot create extra time
but we can all certainly allocate some for personal development

and when we’ve done what it takes
and given our best
without doubt we’ll develop self-confidence

so let’s be the energy that attracts good
but let’s remember, even that too, requires giving our bodies and minds the right food

above all, let’s find the sublime in the anodyne
for there’s no such thing as waiting on time

Imagination is Enterprise

Ingenuity in creative inventiveness is only impressive if it inspires intuitive innovation, eliminates inconvenience and empowers individuals through income enhancement. In essence, imagination should always be treated as an enterprise.

Game Acumen

if you ever wonder
whether genius is born or made
you need look no further than László Polgár
and you’ll realise it doesn’t matter
chess or other endeavour
because only the time devoted to aptitude nurture
marks the difference between master and attempter