Trading on a Full Moon

money may line a man’s pocket
but character constitutes the content of his docket

and just as a piece of silver is not a gold nugget
heartbreak cannot be felt by simply looking at a lover’s locket

that’s why like an eye without a socket
having resources with no mission or vision is attempting to take a spacecraft to the moon without a rocket

Mind Frame Mutations

It so happens that while expectations for our lives going forward are increasing, more and more the reality is in fact diverging from the path to meeting such lofty projections.

When where we thought we’d be or what we hoped would work out in our lives gets further and further apart from where we truly are or the actual outcomes of our efforts or lack thereof, we begin to say things and act in ways we wouldn’t otherwise.

Often, when that happens, we feel we have little or nothing to lose and any action taken with that mind frame can only lead to more hurt and pain.

Saying that to say this – whatever your position, elevated or basal, let that not make you supercilious or thwart your ambitions. But above all, learn the art of living, of which an essential part is understanding the content of your feelings. That way, however the winds blow, you don’t lose sight of the essence of your existence.

To be Receptive to a Shift in Perspective is a Gift and not an Incentive

when we find our minds in the thick of thin things
someone ought to remind us that worries are oft not of things imminent
but bleak realities that we actually create and exacerbate in the thought process
an effect of distorted perception

and like slow-wave sleep with one eye open
that’s how we may feel
when gripped with fear of that which we unwittingly make real

Time To Talk Trade

trade talks when there’s a trust deficit lead to trade war contention
besides, who really knows what’s real and what’s the guise?

who can imagine what’s on the minds of the likes of Zheng Bijian
when everything is after all just a peaceful rise?

is dollar diplomacy dead
who will control the global value chains
by what means and which methods
and what will be the impact of tariffs on cost and sales price?

who will transfer technology in exchange for access to market
who will propagate policies that promote protectionism
and how will that disrupt the present multilateral trading system?

The Engine of Enrichment

if market performance is the ordinance

and exchange price is formulated speculation

we ought to seek facts and analyse sentiment on that basis before making decisions

but if sources of information flows are compromised

and know-how is manufactured or the application of it is at best swing and miss

if trust can be established on infinite variables making credibility nearly impossible to assess

how does one factor in the odds and risks

and who are the nemeses if not the market makers or participants?

Habits of the Happy

Make your hustle a thing of habit
So that productivity becomes the outgrowth of your system

Have focus of intention
So as to not veer off course when you encounter unexpected mishappenings

Be resolute with sacrifice
And expect every gain to come with pain in equal measure as such is the nature of life

Work on yourself and focus less on the cards you’re dealt
That’s how you influence conditions and change circumstances

Supplant the old with the new
But be equally yoked with those you choose to keep around you

Be proactive not reactive – with thoughts, words and ways
For love is action, and the sweet sensations and feelings of fulfillment you’re fiending, can only be the fruits of its labour

Try to make every move strategic
Keeping common sense close so that as you broaden the knowledge base, you also develop better intuition

Let your tactics be tacit or explicit
After carefully considering every potential pitfall and advantage
And learn to ignore silly antics

Be relentless, never procrastinate, and just make it happen
Even happiness is a habit

The Last Letter

Before Bembo’s body text, Gian Trissino’s additions to the orthography of Papal States made J more than just a swash of I.

Before the ship named Jesus sailed towards the shores of sub-Saharan lands, savages who sin they’d not have been seen as, for they were still free.

Before striving to become, live to be. Discover the gods within, but also find the devils buried deep – those we often avoid seeing and which hold us back from truly being.

Before going to sleep, influence destiny. Thoughts are waves and when tuned-in to the right frequency, you can feel light in the dark and see with eyes shut.

Before you see the light of day – pray, pray, pray!

Pulpit Polemics

sarcasm, gallows humour, provocation
in tones of condescension

gestures with traces of ostentation
when they address the congregation

woe to the leaders of our nation

The Case of Killian Hill vs The State (vi)

Setting: offices of Giles & Jerico Actuarial Practice

Killian Hill, high net worth individual – client of Giles & Jerico
Giles, personal wealth manager

Credit to you Giles – I’ll give you that

Lord knows I need it

I mean you were spot on – these numbers are impressive

With all humility I’d have to agree, my estimation hit the mark. Even though I thought the gains made on the S&P would be mostly attributable to tax repatriation. I suppose I hadn’t factored in the reality that has come to be – this extended QE – quite extraordinary, don’t you think?

Didn’t expect interest rates would stay so low for so long either but hey, it worked in our favour

Certainly, but the day of reckoning will come, perhaps sooner than what consensus currently conjures, so we shouldn’t succumb…

Are you suggesting a sell-off?


Smart exit. I’d hate to owe the money printers. Would rather pi$$ on every bank from above like Leviev

Save for Rakefet’s of course

Oh well, I suppose yes. One has to reserve some respect for the likes of the almighty Leumi!

Mr Hill…

Yes Giles, what’s looming? You’ll get your raise. Full purse and perks. It’s well-deserved. Matter of fact, let’s go out to lunch. I’ll listen to your long list of demands while I down some punch, alas!

NB: you can find preceding episodes in the archives. The last was ( from 2016.