The Case of Killian Hill vs The State (vi)

Setting: offices of Giles & Jerico Actuarial Practice

Killian Hill, high net worth individual – client of Giles & Jerico
Giles, personal wealth manager

Credit to you Giles – I’ll give you that

Lord knows I need it

I mean you were spot on – these numbers are impressive

With all humility I’d have to agree, my estimation hit the mark. Even though I thought the gains made on the S&P would be mostly attributable to tax repatriation. I suppose I hadn’t factored in the reality that has come to be – this extended QE – quite extraordinary, don’t you think?

Didn’t expect interest rates would stay so low for so long either but hey, it worked in our favour

Certainly, but the day of reckoning will come, perhaps sooner than what consensus currently conjures, so we shouldn’t succumb…

Are you suggesting a sell-off?


Smart exit. I’d hate to owe the money printers. Would rather pi$$ on every bank from above like Leviev

Save for Rakefet’s of course

Oh well, I suppose yes. One has to reserve some respect for the likes of the almighty Leumi!

Mr Hill…

Yes Giles, what’s looming? You’ll get your raise. Full purse and perks. It’s well-deserved. Matter of fact, let’s go out to lunch. I’ll listen to your long list of demands while I down some punch, alas!

NB: you can find preceding episodes in the archives. The last was ( from 2016.

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