Habits of the Happy

Make your hustle a thing of habit
So that productivity becomes the outgrowth of your system

Have focus of intention
So as to not veer off course when you encounter unexpected mishappenings

Be resolute with sacrifice
And expect every gain to come with pain in equal measure as such is the nature of life

Work on yourself and focus less on the cards you’re dealt
That’s how you influence conditions and change circumstances

Supplant the old with the new
But be equally yoked with those you choose to keep around you

Be proactive not reactive – with thoughts, words and ways
For love is action, and the sweet sensations and feelings of fulfillment you’re fiending, can only be the fruits of its labour

Try to make every move strategic
Keeping common sense close so that as you broaden the knowledge base, you also develop better intuition

Let your tactics be tacit or explicit
After carefully considering every potential pitfall and advantage
And learn to ignore silly antics

Be relentless, never procrastinate, and just make it happen
Even happiness is a habit

2 Comments on “Habits of the Happy”

  1. SirBevince says:

    Very encouraging, a good time for me to read this.

    Liked by 1 person

  2. Thank you sir 🙂


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