Mind Frame Mutations

It so happens that while expectations for our lives going forward are increasing, more and more the reality is in fact diverging from the path to meeting such lofty projections.

When where we thought we’d be or what we hoped would work out in our lives gets further and further apart from where we truly are or the actual outcomes of our efforts or lack thereof, we begin to say things and act in ways we wouldn’t otherwise.

Often, when that happens, we feel we have little or nothing to lose and any action taken with that mind frame can only lead to more hurt and pain.

Saying that to say this – whatever your position, elevated or basal, let that not make you supercilious or thwart your ambitions. But above all, learn the art of living, of which an essential part is understanding the content of your feelings. That way, however the winds blow, you don’t lose sight of the essence of your existence.

One Comment on “Mind Frame Mutations”

  1. bwcarey says:

    well said, be a rock instead, amen


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