The Path to Universal Understanding

commitment calls for courage
and confidence carries one when time comes to turn the page

if children are brought up to exercise compassion
it’ll be a blessing and advantage when they come of age

a meagre bank balance and measly asset base can cause all kinds of discomfort and pangs
but a man that confronts challenges and constantly seeks solutions always stands to gain

to live life by the words of a sage without looking inward for truths to mysteries in question
is like finding temporary relief in self-deception

to learn from books prescribed through a system of education equips one for their chosen occupation
but to cultivate a habit of observing aspects of earthly existence is the path to universal understanding

Making Sense of the Quest for Success

At the core of any quest
We discover a virtue called diligence
That quality so many greats confess
Has much to do with their success

So at the centre of self-interest should be self-development
That way our enrichment will not come at anyone’s expense
In fact, when we serve others by being our best
We earn their respect without a need to exert our influence

And yet, some still say at the mercy of favour you’ll find the fortunate
Those who pick the prospects and direct the work
But if one understands that nature is indiscriminate
And that what you think you manifest
All of a sudden one realises that the biggest impediment to progress is ultimately the mindset

Now turn your thought energy into the potent force which creates outcomes that elevate
And when setbacks beset – do not disintegrate
Instead, remember the old adage: what you give you get

And find your strength to find your worth
Because only from a challenge can ingenuity be birthed
Like the force created when an atom is split
Forming a much more potent energy than its material state

On Loot, Life & Love

(on loot and life)

whether eking out an existence with no income and struggling to succour your kin
or sitting on top of the world without worry or longing for anything
never chase money or make it the objective of your efforts or the propeller for your dreams
lest they never take flight and find yourself trapped in a world where you won’t find fulfilment

rather, wake up each morning
motivated to make the most of your time by adding value to your sphere of influence
that way instead of eluding you – wealth will warm to your intent and stay close
because like a satellite in orbit one has to balance momentum and the force of pull before things can start happening
so stay motivated, appreciative, and consistently grinding

(on love)

be worthy of loving with a purpose
and never settle but rather rejoice in the choice
to start a family or companionship of convenience and comfort
so that in marriage, friendship or amour
there’s never love lost

Normalise (No More Lies)

For most, there’s a fine line between customs and standards
But there always comes a time when we’re forced to confront the stark yet seemingly subtle contrasts
And really begin to notice flaws in some of the constructs that govern our lives

And often when we begin to perceive that things don’t fit together smoothly
Especially where it concerns religion, culture and politics
Common sense tends to typically kick in as we are forced to face the reality
Which makes things actually start to fit together more naturally

Also we learn that when evolutionary processes outpace the natural tempo of gradual assimilation and adaptation
Patterns of thought are disrupted and established practices contradicted
To the point that significant mind frame adjustments have to be realised
In order that we can be galvanized into action that’d hopefully help us normalise

Man, Might & Divine Right

Many were proselytised

As the doctrine of heavenly inheritance over earthly aspirations thrived

So subdued they came to believe the lie

That their plight was by divine right

And that strife would be rewarded through the granting of blessings in the afterlife

A psychological exercise that would see their dignity further compromised

As it made poverty imposed with might seem justified in their minds

The Colour of Persistence (Evergreen)

free your mind to seed wild dreams
map the milestones then take a leap
everything else will follow
for faith flows as we move in perpetuity

embrace the toil
so that when your plans are foiled
you don’t forget that nature never promised the path to growth
would be evergreen

Forces of Thought, Expression & Experience

Love is everything
This I’ve come to know
From thought to experience
I’ve felt the force

Business is accounting
And banking the clearinghouse
Money is debt
Fundamentals we ought to know

Truths about loans and deposits
Shares, stocks and bonds
Summed up by the axiom
Sell or be sold

A stop loss order cannot be placed on life
So by virtue of being alive
You’ve already taken the biggest gamble

So seek not security and stability from the unknown
Because blood is but jasper set in stone

Work not for money but prosperity
Because only when it works for us
Will our problems be solved

Using fortune the right way
As with any resource
Adds value and benefits the mass
Giving the effort much needed resolve

To be a capitalist
Is to survive in our times
But to earn an honest living
Is to love our working lives

Fulfilment is in the service
Not the gain or the pleasure
And only by nature’s ethical standard
Can a soul be judged

So when systems and structures work to promote depravity
We should question our complicity
And whether equal opportunity is a right or entitlement

In doing so, we may find that often the change we seek
We must first embody
Whether that’s a change in thinking
Or doing whatever’s necessary, as Gianni did
When he renamed Bank of Italy – Bank of America
So that business could operate smoothly
In what would’ve otherwise been hostile territory

Saying that to say this
That while we are here
Still living and breathing
Responsive to our environment
Let us remember, that it’s always been our relationship to everything
That ultimately shapes the world in which we exist

And love is everything
This I’ve come to know
From thought to experience
I’ve felt the force

Father Forgive Him

Father forgive him
For a fresh spring of consciousness governed his being
Before detail and accuracy
Before language and logic

Before the world’s hopes
Before feathers from the flock
Before the cradle sheets
Before the names echoed
Before the birth certificate
And all things inherited

Father forgive him
The defiant spawn
For the customs and teachings he ignored
For any wrongs since his force wandered off and altered the course

Allegory of Love

lily of the valley
flower for the heavenly garden

exotic bloom
like a peacock’s plume

scented beauty
holy womb

teach me to be prudent
and affable

to be honest and truthful
not to trim nails at the table and spoil the revel

to serve the soul sweet food
and bedazzle with a balloon festoon

to be good and cheerful
to experience heavenly perfection through earthly passion

no sedition, no scandal
no gossip, no gamble

lady with skin dark like Kaffa coffee beans
in a prestine white wedding dress like Anne of Brittany’s

not a virgin
but pure nonetheless

this honeyed wine on our honeymoon
is made to make us glad

let’s taste the forbidden fruit
and indulge in sacred sex

Crown About Town

girl or boy about town
be mindful of the attitude your demeanor emphasises

because truth be told
when the rate of interest rises
the value of the bond once held dear goes down

man or woman with the frown
be thoughtful instead of spewing out platitudes
because silence, especially during hours when we’re sour, makes for cleaner canvasses

youth and the old
discover that growth comes not in sets or sizes
but with skin rings like the folds in our gowns