Allegory of Love

lily of the valley
flower for the heavenly garden

exotic bloom
like a peacock’s plume

scented beauty
holy womb

teach me to be prudent
and affable

to be honest and truthful
not to trim nails at the table and spoil the revel

to serve the soul sweet food
and bedazzle with a balloon festoon

to be good and cheerful
to experience heavenly perfection through earthly passion

no sedition, no scandal
no gossip, no gamble

lady with skin dark like Kaffa coffee beans
in a prestine white wedding dress like Anne of Brittany’s

not a virgin
but pure nonetheless

this honeyed wine on our honeymoon
is made to make us glad

let’s taste the forbidden fruit
and indulge in sacred sex

2 Comments on “Allegory of Love”

  1. vivachange77 says:

    A wonderful mix of the heavenly and the ordinary.


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