Forces of Thought, Expression & Experience

Love is everything
This I’ve come to know
From thought to experience
I’ve felt the force

Business is accounting
And banking the clearinghouse
Money is debt
Fundamentals we ought to know

Truths about loans and deposits
Shares, stocks and bonds
Summed up by the axiom
Sell or be sold

A stop loss order cannot be placed on life
So by virtue of being alive
You’ve already taken the biggest gamble

So seek not security and stability from the unknown
Because blood is but jasper set in stone

Work not for money but prosperity
Because only when it works for us
Will our problems be solved

Using fortune the right way
As with any resource
Adds value and benefits the mass
Giving the effort much needed resolve

To be a capitalist
Is to survive in our times
But to earn an honest living
Is to love our working lives

Fulfilment is in the service
Not the gain or the pleasure
And only by nature’s ethical standard
Can a soul be judged

So when systems and structures work to promote depravity
We should question our complicity
And whether equal opportunity is a right or entitlement

In doing so, we may find that often the change we seek
We must first embody
Whether that’s a change in thinking
Or doing whatever’s necessary, as Gianni did
When he renamed Bank of Italy – Bank of America
So that business could operate smoothly
In what would’ve otherwise been hostile territory

Saying that to say this
That while we are here
Still living and breathing
Responsive to our environment
Let us remember, that it’s always been our relationship to everything
That ultimately shapes the world in which we exist

And love is everything
This I’ve come to know
From thought to experience
I’ve felt the force

2 Comments on “Forces of Thought, Expression & Experience”

  1. vivachange77 says:

    Excellent words of wisdom about love and what really matters in this life. Your understanding of how the world of money connects to our human selves is enriching. Thanks, Heath


  2. Thank you for the kind words. Means a lot to me. I’m glad there’s meaning to be found in the words.


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