Normalise (No More Lies)

For most, there’s a fine line between customs and standards
But there always comes a time when we’re forced to confront the stark yet seemingly subtle contrasts
And really begin to notice flaws in some of the constructs that govern our lives

And often when we begin to perceive that things don’t fit together smoothly
Especially where it concerns religion, culture and politics
Common sense tends to typically kick in as we are forced to face the reality
Which makes things actually start to fit together more naturally

Also we learn that when evolutionary processes outpace the natural tempo of gradual assimilation and adaptation
Patterns of thought are disrupted and established practices contradicted
To the point that significant mind frame adjustments have to be realised
In order that we can be galvanized into action that’d hopefully help us normalise

2 Comments on “Normalise (No More Lies)”

  1. I love this, it says more than first glance will say it will. Brilliant piece of poetry and so true today it’s scary.


  2. Thanks Dave, appreciate the feedback.

    Liked by 1 person

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