Dead Peasants

Then the spirit had its say:

success is predicated on communication
and there’s no appreciation without consideration
so evaluate whether your network is truly your net worth

if not, go through that contact list and work your way down the alphabet
disconnect if they’re not your Ruth Porat
hold your own then make everyone accountable
save only those with whom real value is shared

don’t live to work
work where you live
forget free time
for the wealthy – it’s always pay time

put your residence under a corporate
and let that be your place of business
so that whoever you pay your bills to, is paid to order, on behalf of your trust
that way you can write-off some chunks

and since love is law with emotional clauses
and family is rightfully a business
it only makes sense to mind one’s own

above all, be independent
get money back for spending it
and don’t be the insured
who let other businesses (families) benefit from dead peasant life insurance

The Case of Connie & Teiid vs The People

she wanted to be an influencer but she was no Sara Mazur

he was a proponent of hard power but didn’t have strength enough to see firm actions through

nonetheless, they shared a strong desire for dominance

hers over the airwaves

his over the base

so together they plotted against the people in a quest to establish their reigns


The Chase

forgot my exes
paid my system and black taxes
then upped the stakes
didn’t wait for the gods to bless
instead, I just kept chasing the stacks

penned a verse
dealt with the stress
faced the tests
was down but never depressed
instead, I just kept chasing the stacks

6 of 12, Half-open Door

to open the mind’s eye, one has to search inside their soul
and only with good intentions can they set the right goal

and though one needs not the whole world to make it on their own
what good is having it all only to end up alone?

an outpour of the heart is more effective than the best orator’s repertoire
and only through surrender to the force is one able to exist as nature – without fear of loss

one cannot dream of a future if they haven’t lived at all
but to dwell in the past is to walk through a corridor without ever getting to the other side of the door