If the sun never rises

volatility is a trader’s dream
and stability a worker’s hope
aspirations intertwined as threads of life it seems
but in reality not as strong as sisal rope

and while all have a role to play in the maze
between the entrance and the goal
many fall short and get lost in the parade
and only few come out on top
the rest adulate and praise
the so-called cream of the crop

some who go on to flaunt, vaunt and taunt
creating social spectacles no different to old radio sponsored dramas by makers of soap
starring influencers who themselves crave attention the most
and who at all costs will provoke just to get the masses to talk
actions that result from very little if any credible thought

so while most get caught up in the hoax
and expend resources on things they can’t afford
why not spend time learning the ropes
and figuring out how to monetise the delivery of value
a business model that insures against any loss
instead of chasing effete endorsements of the ephemeral sort

that way we might turn a profit like Mason Morfit
and experience the mind’s expansiveness by exploring our limitless potential
because only when we decide to thrive rather than simply let life pass us by
when we follow through on our goals each and every day
only then will we truly have lived our purpose
should the earth stop turning and the sun never rises

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