Progressive Movement

when critics give the short shrift to your hopes of making good on your gifts

when your treasure falls into the hands of one like Heinz Herzer
and where it rests is not the Luxor temple but the auction table
the essence of its cultural significance erased
and all that’s left is merely an artefact
highly priced but reaved of value
like a slave sold to the highest bidder for his frame not human attributes
or the displaced who in distress seek the promised land only to end up disconnected from their ancestral heritage

when the winds of wickedness work against your will so your wishes aren’t fulfilled
when the tide turns and the future seems bleak
when all such negative things in your present reality exist

make the effort to shift your perspective
be prepared to put in the work before you expect to flourish
change your beliefs to ones that will uplift your spirit
appreciate small gains and take pleasure in setting measures for the kind of success you hope to attain

take stock of losses with a view to mitigate them on your next endeavour
aim, stake your claim and take the gamble
for the game can only be won by those that dare to play

be more respectful but perhaps a little less humble
don’t expect gratitude but always demand what’s owed you
and accept that with achievement comes a new target
because progress is a movement with never-ending challenges

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