Big Africa On Fire (Black All Street)

After he read about the Greenwood Massacre

He figured it was probably safer to build back in Africa

But upon arrival he quickly discovered

Many people in powerful positions engaged in schemes to plunder

And a large populace that in fact looked to the perpetrator for direction on economic development, social structure and culture

And just as the US National Guard had dropped bombs on Tulsa

To destroy black capital on account of unfounded and unproved claims that one black man – a humble shoeshiner

Had made physical contact with a white woman which was tantamount to Emmett Till’s alleged wolf-whistle

Similar absurdities he had observed and found the corruption inherent in the frameworks inherited from the colonizers

Realizations that shook him to the core

And yet despite it all he didn’t lose hope

Instead he found the courage to not only cope

But to be the extinguisher to the ember which had Little Africa on Fire

2 Comments on “Big Africa On Fire (Black All Street)”

  1. vivachange77 says:

    Difficult times under-girded with hope. I look for bright spots these days. Thanks.


  2. Shine bright ⭐


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