Nature’s Garden

A little older now
Quickly it seems the year’s moved along
Still I know not why, what, when, where or how
But each day I’m open to learning… keeping the mind as fresh as a new born’s

And as I reflect on challenges overcome and battles won
Never forgetting but instead expecting that there’ll be more to come

Will and determination abound with the drive to outperform
On a quest to conquer self – both ego and flesh form
In order to be better with age and truly experience growth


5 Comments on “Nature’s Garden”

  1. vivachange77 says:

    Remarkable post, Heath. Recently your writings have reflected your growing. Your photos are splendid. Heart-felt good wishes on your continuing journey.


  2. The kindest words. Taken to heart. Always appreciated ♥️🙏


  3. Magnificent pictures (beautiful, all in one place, many – where?) … but your words, your thoughts, your experience was equally as drawing in, thought provoking and in alignment with so much of what many feel, though not many share. Lovely. ❤ Kimba


  4. Thanks dear 🙏 it’s down here in South Africa. Always good to hear the words are relatable, much appreciated ♥️

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