Everlasting Vision

Every new day
Is like every new year

One needs an open mindedness and steady head
A vision that is clear
And a plan of action to adhere to as well as a willingness to play fair

Every season gives us reason to adapt and change
So take on each new challenge with commitment and care

Let every regret fuel the momentum you hope to gain
Never forgetting lessons past mistakes ought to have forced you to learn
For nothing is made better by staying the same

Aim as high as you can
And if you fall short raise the bar even higher when you go at it again

Life is but a game in which we all get a chance to play
What differs is our approach… levels of participation… and results we wish to obtain

4 Comments on “Everlasting Vision”

  1. vivachange77 says:

    Nothing is gained by things staying the same. I’m with you. It amazes me how many new things still appear in my octogenarian life.

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  2. nienaspeaks says:

    Beautiful landscape.

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  3. I would think that’s the age of wisdom. To new forevers ☀️


  4. Works of nature 🙂

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