Power Brokers: The Case of Connie & Teiid vs The People (ii)

All he wanted was to direct markets, payments and innovation like Dave Ramsden
But he didn’t want to be a currency dictator like Montagu Norman

All she wanted was to exercise her powers in the shadows like Dorothy Thompson
But she didn’t want to be part of a structure like the Court of the Bank of England

So when they met at the beach hotel on Cap d’Antibes
They discussed their shared views on money and the impending crisis
And how together they could profit from it

But in order to do so they had to devise a strategy
To set in motion a scheme that would dwarf the Match King’s
And they planned the execution to a tee
Viewing their alliance as a match made in heaven
One that would handle the crisis better than Roger Ferguson and Annette Nazareth during 9/11

(to be cont’d)

An Odyssey For All Eternity

In times like this
One can’t help but agree with Livy
That the most stable & long-standing empire is that in which subjects take pleasure in obeying

This appears to be the state most citizens of the world are in
Or at least it seems to me
That we care very little for civil liberties
Only when it serves our egos and imagery

On social media – feeds full of trivialities
On the telly – doomsday bulletins, crisis after crisis
On computer screens – conspiracies about digital IDs and 5G…

Reminds me of that 80s film They Live
Most things considered and in all seriousness
One can foresee those who live into the future say, or their offspring hear/read
That once upon a time there was a phenomenon called covid-19

But hardly did society stop to think
That perhaps as part of the great odyssey we call existence
Our collective consciousness is, as history has time and again revealed
Shaped by desires common to all humanity – fundamentally

Whether that be greed or a propensity for logical fallacies
Our impressionable human qualities, abilities and sensibilities
Have made us the most sophisticated of all the species
If human assessment is anything to go by
Yet, to the rest of nature we just might be
The most disruptive force there is or ever was
For all eternity