Game of Throngs (vii)

Discontent with the body politic or prevailing economic system is not preternatural
However, a deep dive into the inner workings of such common phenomena
With a view to taking decisive action that’d meaningfully address disatisfaction with that status quo appears so

Now, can we not attribute that to the countless failures of seditious attempts
Aimed at effecting change, yet steeped in shallow ideals
Rebellions fuelled by ignorance and a lack of understanding and reasoning of the elevated nature?
Uprisings often thwarted by a simple combination of force and relative superior intellectual savour

People, is it not unfortunate then
That many have much to fear and no well-defined aspirations to pursue with fervour?
And is that not why those having little to live for or live on
Are almost always on the frontlines of war?

Forest, My Friend

There’s nothing wrong with starting small

But without scale or growth, there can be no sustainability or survival

It’s not hard to imagine that a mountain is made up of small rocks

Which naturally, if not layered above ground, disintegrate to soil beneath feet

It’s not hard to imagine that a forest is made up of small groves

And that a road starts off as a narrow course

Love with a gaze

And that a revelation emerges from the maze

Not hard to imagine, or is it?