Blvck Hunnids Buy Digital Gold iii

Safeguard your spiritual powers

They want to take the good out of your hearts
And destroy freedoms that rest on the foundation of faith in the higher power – the higher vibration

They want to suppress the forces that bring unity through understanding your common humanity

They want your minds preoccupied with the pursuit of profit through speculation
Preoccupied with the struggle for superiority

They want to foster communities full of disdain
Indifferent to the collective upliftment of society and its conditions
Not communism… the order of nature

They wish to undermine productive activities that are tied to real equity… land, natural resources, and labour
To keep your collective energy output tethered to the invisible levers of these prime movers & their handlers

Strengthen your mind, body and spirit
Ready yourself to fight with your life
The fight for more than just gain, gold or glory
The fight for honour and exercise of all powers bestowed upon you by your maker
Or indeed of your own making – the manifestation of your might and light

Mastermind for more than just material delights
For the sanctity & preservation of your spiritual powers


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