Free Will vs Subjugation

The best and hardest job is making your dreams reality

But the most tedious work is that brought on by the insidious pressures of a peasant’s life

And it’s not so much the type of work but the motivation behind it

It’s much about the exercise of free will versus subjugation

Weak is Wicked

You let them think for you
At your own peril

And let them melt your iron will
As they aimed a syringe with a needle at your arm & made you sterile

The weak never survive the jungle
And the weakened lack the strength to even mumble

So shush weak man
With your mush pea-brain
You and I
We are not the same!

Risk-Adjusted Returns

If you don’t take chances
You may regret realising later
That not taking risks
Was the real flaw in your plan of advancement

And the only thing in the way of your success
Was that you never took the necessary actions
And steps needed to turn your dreams to reality

You will be forced to face the undeniable truth
That perhaps you just didn’t want it enough
That you preferred the idea of success
As a dream and not your reality

That you didn’t do what was necessary
By all and any means