Young inspirator
Go on, be a go getter
But just remember that sooner or later
You’ll come under pressure
And when such a time comes
Exercise good judgement and avoid fatal errors
Lest you end up like Valentine Strasser

Go Crypto!

Don’t be slow to the draw
Get involved with those intangible coins
‘Cause the higher the stock to flow ratio goes
You already know the better choice
As far as where your value should be stored

And as long as you’re not an outright gambler like Don
You can go ahead, go like Inspector Gadget, go!

Levy Letter

He endeavoured
To be as good a value investor as David Tepper
However, living in a doggy-dog era
He stood a better chance being a trapper
At least on paper

Her Heart ii

More than your heart
She wants 12 million acres
Like Gina Rinehart
So don’t think you can play her

Rate of Progress is Risk Relative

When the rate of inflation is higher than the real (not nominal) rate of interest earned on savings

Aggrandize not economize

Flip not save

That way, you may just be able to protect your purchasing power

Trust Company

He thought – why not just trade it all in 

Nationality, identity, family, society

And like Tom Bayer the financier 

Move to some island that’s not a dependency of a major foreign power

And there settle in 

Start building and free dealing

But then he started considering

On the other side, is the grass even green?

Is it not easier just acquiescing and complying?

Is freedom even attainable in a society based ecosystem?

Is true freedom not the death of all dependency? 

Meaning the idea could be nothing more than just a fancy

And humanity inherently has a need for belonging 


in financial markets
is a portent
of pecuniary failure

Lo and Behold

Songs of innocence are no more
All that’s left are voices under the control of moguls like Vincent Bolloré
Still they bellow, at the top of their lungs, but the sound never reaches shore from the slave boats
Even as they sail the trade routes
Ivory Coast, Gabon, Cameroon, Congo

And the silent wars go on
Right under their noses
While they embrace narratives manufactured on bible paper
Unbeknownst to them, their souls remain very much shackled