Higher Desire

perceived opportunities
expand or limit ambition
and the scope of desire

so keep an ear to the ground
perform your duties to the best of your abilities
employ both reason and intuition
and always aim higher



now that you’re rich
remember to be discreet
like Daniel Ludwig

words he’d repeat
during self-talk
each morning
upon rising to his feet


I explore
the limitless expansiveness of my mind
trying to make sense of it all

but only God knows
from whence you came
in such heavenly form

your perfect contours
eyes that reveal the sweetness of your soul
a touch more tender than a blanketed cot

a presence words can’t capture


to gain the world’s applause is never easy
but to gain the approval of one’s own conscience
without reservation, is of even greater difficulty

so, seek first, satisfaction in self-approval
and no one can put a price on your self worth

let your own estimation be the measure of success
for if not, and you unwisely surround yourself with subservient sycophants
it’ll be short-lived, surely!

The Indomitable Determination of Donatus Do

His will could not be subdued
Even when faced with seemingly insurmountable obstacles
He never doubted that he was capable
And so utilized every tool at his disposal
For he knew discouragement was the greatest deterrent to the attainment of his goals

Success is the Dividend of Good Desire

property and influence you must acquire
but only after you perspire
so that humility, good intent and common sense
become the fabric of your character
and noble ambitions your burning desire


only from a particular viewpoint
formed on grounds of a theory
as a result of consistent reasoning
informed by observations of social realities
can facts be organised into systematic knowledge