Making the Most

In the omnibus will be your magnus opus
So why not carry out your life’s work and grand vision with devotion and focus
While still having reasonable expectations
Since the path to creating impact
Is often unmarked with no clear directions
And simply can’t be navigated using a compass
As many factors will ultimately determine the end result
Whether oblivion or Mount Olympus


Sketch for a Theory of Persistent Passions (vii)

a certain degree of privation is necessary for motivation

just as longing and desire too are often strong calls to action

so the key to persevering, is focusing on trajectory and not position

because even the achievement of a set goal won’t give quite the same satisfaction as that from the pursuit of a passion

Memoirs of the Moribund

the coterie of statecraft collusionists
prescribed neoliberal economics
which involved a lot of palaver in administering
structural adjustment programs which would ultimately serve the rich
and cater to a class of conspicuous consumers

at the same time centrist movements felt the power shift
and since they couldn’t compete with established free enterprise capitalists
they became dependent on a system that would not protect them
and with that came an end to the development of their worker-centric ideas around financial independence

Art Affair

Success doesn’t come quick but play fair
And always create from the heart
Because art, like satisfaction, is a personal affair

You’ll find no reason to quit if you don’t compare
Because contentment is a place all can arrive at
The only difference is how we get there

In the net

In a social network economy
Where the business model for major platforms is arbitraging users’ attention
And where stakeholders benefit from app user addiction
Which means users’ attention has to be captured perpetually for the value proposition to flourish
In such an ecosystem, one feels there’s justification for the concerns

When user attention is bought by big tech and instantly sold to advertisers with the highest bids
In a social media market where arbitrage opportunities are always open
And where they are in fact preserved and propagated

But at what cost?
What are the consequences of hacking users’ neurocircuitry to intercept rational thinking and sound judgement?
What will happen to a civilisation whose decisions about what to seek from life
What to enquire about the world
And even how to utilise time are influenced by forces not commonly understood?
And how will online data privacy be guaranteed to users of products that are paradoxically meant to deliver highly personalised service?

Sir Squillionaire’s Spondulix Sermons

Be the vendor of record
By all means and right methods

Work hard
Go all in and use your best efforts

Time is a premium no one can afford
So get off your phone and create a real lifelog and thought register of ideas and goals

Try to remember everywhere like the Swarm app millennials
Without life caching on social media and allowing big data to swallow your soul

Worry not who said what, when and why they hold this or that thought
Do that and the battle for originality you’ve already half won

Never pity the dead or envy the living – it’s unnatural
And don’t fill your mind with fear lest despair becomes your setting by default

Seek genuine laughter and let your motives be clear, at least to self, if not to all
For company bound by guilty pleasures and schadenfreude you must try to avoid

Until the next sermon
Peace to all

The Worshipful Company of Dead Souls

At Bank Junction
A spirit met the Old Lady of Threadneedle Street
And she said:
You don’t belong here
But since you’re already dead I suppose it’s only fair
That I share some truths with you
And hopefully for your thoughts they’ll be food
Enough to keep you in your tomb!

You see, this city’s roots were made strong by absorbing the blood of slaves for sure
And yes, the saga continues…
But perhaps epigenetics is responsible
For my liverymen don’t mean to be so cruel

They too suffer great pain
Because comfort can’t be exchanged for peace of mind – it’s not a substitute

Indeed, generational gains they’ve accrued
But even they can’t guarantee their own future is secure
Since it’s not whether one saves or gambles that determines survival
Even Isaac Newton lost his life savings in the South Sea Bubble

However, one must endure the struggle with fortitude
But then again be careful of ‘wise’ counsel
For it’s often the tool a master will use to keep the ignoramus subdued