To Make or Mar a Man

the spirit in which you take hold of a task at hand
be it urgent or less important
can make or mar you
making all the difference

and your attitude when tackling your work
will determine the quality and efficiency of the undertaking

also remember that a humdrum existence will create weakness of character
so don’t wait until you’re driven to desperation
to live your life with fervency and vigour


A Note for November

looked at a pic
of young me
and saw in my eyes then
the same I see now…

a wanting to know
a bold flair…

I swear
since I can remember
I’ve been wanting to win
that nothing in the world could be so intimidating
as to deter me from any mission

I swear
God forbid
I ever make enemies
for I’d pull up on them one deep
and sell them peace

I just can’t stand a loss
if I can help it
and will avoid at any cost
uncalculated risk
that’s why I pick my stocks
like Eddie Carl of Brown Capital
with thought – not hope
because death is the only odd I can never beat

and if ever there’s a chance
I’m gon take it
and you’ll find me there
in the trenches
toasting to inevitable victory…

puffing on leonotis leonurus
sipping MCC
yet ploughing through
and wading the quagmire
passion lit
soul on fire
never stopping
only at my heart’s desire

earning it
since if not the summit
then I’d rather be six feet under
and take that how you wanna
’cause this is just a note for November
you dig? 😉


now that you’re rich
remember to be discreet
like Daniel Ludwig

words he’d repeat
during self-talk
each morning
upon rising to his feet

The Indomitable Determination of Donatus Do

His will could not be subdued
Even when faced with seemingly insurmountable obstacles
He never doubted that he was capable
And so utilized every tool at his disposal
For he knew discouragement was the greatest deterrent to the attainment of his goals

Success is the Dividend of Good Desire

property and influence you must acquire
but only after you perspire
so that humility, good intent and common sense
become the fabric of your character
and noble ambitions your burning desire

Human Values Are Not What Humans Value?

the value of a tangible item
inheres in you
never in the object itself
unlike its dimensions, weight, or shape

also, two people faced with a decision
may choose different
based on the value they individually ascribe
to the outcome or consequence of that decision

however, all that is of lesser importance
than what the two ought or ought not to want
for only then can ethics be put into question
or will power come under examination

Of Things Close & Far

take a distanced view of things near
and have the foresight to anticipate what’s on the horizon
as if it were already here

for even when your sight is weak
as long as your perception is strong
nothing will stop you from seeing clear