Memoirs of the Moribund

the coterie of statecraft collusionists
prescribed neoliberal economics
which involved a lot of palaver in administering
structural adjustment programs which would ultimately serve the rich
and cater to a class of conspicuous consumers

at the same time centrist movements felt the power shift
and since they couldn’t compete with established free enterprise capitalists
they became dependent on a system that would not protect them
and with that came an end to the development of their worker-centric ideas around financial independence


Sir Squillionaire’s Spondulix Sermons

Be the vendor of record
By all means and right methods

Work hard
Go all in and use your best efforts

Time is a premium no one can afford
So get off your phone and create a real lifelog and thought register of ideas and goals

Try to remember everywhere like the Swarm app millennials
Without life caching on social media and allowing big data to swallow your soul

Worry not who said what, when and why they hold this or that thought
Do that and the battle for originality you’ve already half won

Never pity the dead or envy the living – it’s unnatural
And don’t fill your mind with fear lest despair becomes your setting by default

Seek genuine laughter and let your motives be clear, at least to self, if not to all
For company bound by guilty pleasures and schadenfreude you must try to avoid

Until the next sermon
Peace to all

Making Sense of the Quest for Success


At the core of any quest
We discover a virtue called diligence
That quality so many greats confess
Has much to do with their success

So at the centre of self-interest should be self-development
That way our enrichment will not come at anyone’s expense
In fact, when we serve others by being our best
We earn their respect without a need to exert our influence

And yet, some still say at the mercy of favour you’ll find the fortunate
Those who pick the prospects and direct the work
But if one understands that nature is indiscriminate
And that what you think you manifest
All of a sudden one realises that the biggest impediment to progress is ultimately the mindset

Now turn your thought energy into the potent force which creates outcomes that elevate
And when setbacks beset – do not disintegrate
Instead, remember the old adage: what you give you get

And find your strength to find your worth
Because only from a challenge can ingenuity be birthed
Like the force created when an atom is split
Forming a much more potent energy than its material state

Man, Might & Divine Right

Many were proselytised

As the doctrine of heavenly inheritance over earthly aspirations thrived

So subdued they came to believe the lie

That their plight was by divine right

And that strife would be rewarded through the granting of blessings in the afterlife

A psychological exercise that would see their dignity further compromised

As it made poverty imposed with might seem justified in their minds

Crown About Town

girl or boy about town
be mindful of the attitude your demeanor emphasises

because truth be told
when the rate of interest rises
the value of the bond once held dear goes down

man or woman with the frown
be thoughtful instead of spewing out platitudes
because silence, especially during hours when we’re sour, makes for cleaner canvasses

youth and the old
discover that growth comes not in sets or sizes
but with skin rings like the folds in our gowns

Dead Peasants

Then the spirit had its say:

success is predicated on communication
and there’s no appreciation without consideration
so evaluate whether your network is truly your net worth

if not, go through that contact list and work your way down the alphabet
disconnect if they’re not your Ruth Porat
hold your own then make everyone accountable
save only those with whom real value is shared

don’t live to work
work where you live
forget free time
for the wealthy – it’s always pay time

put your residence under a corporate
and let that be your place of business
so that whoever you pay your bills to, is paid to order, on behalf of your trust
that way you can write-off some chunks

and since love is law with emotional clauses
and family is rightfully a business
it only makes sense to mind one’s own

above all, be independent
get money back for spending it
and don’t be the insured
who let other businesses (families) benefit from dead peasant life insurance

The Chase

forgot my exes
paid my system and black taxes
then upped the stakes
didn’t wait for the gods to bless
instead, I just kept chasing the stacks

penned a verse
dealt with the stress
faced the tests
was down but never depressed
instead, I just kept chasing the stacks