The Misanthrope With No Money

a healthy dose of skepticism can save one

unnecessary loss and embarrassment

however, pure cynicism, rooted in a lack of understanding or just downright ignorance

can take hold like an infection, at a great cost to personal advancement


Young inspirator
Go on, be a go getter
But just remember that sooner or later
You’ll come under pressure
And when such a time comes
Exercise good judgement and avoid fatal errors
Lest you end up like Valentine Strasser

Her Heart ii

More than your heart
She wants 12 million acres
Like Gina Rinehart
So don’t think you can play her

Lo and Behold

Songs of innocence are no more
All that’s left are voices under the control of moguls like Vincent Bolloré
Still they bellow, at the top of their lungs, but the sound never reaches shore from the slave boats
Even as they sail the trade routes
Ivory Coast, Gabon, Cameroon, Congo

And the silent wars go on
Right under their noses
While they embrace narratives manufactured on bible paper
Unbeknownst to them, their souls remain very much shackled

The Reflection of Self

a sense of self-importance and moral superiority breeds self-righteousness

and self-deprecation, low self-esteem or having no sense of self-worth shatters dreams

all such things considered bring clarity to the reality that is

you are what you believe

Game of Throngs (vii)

Discontent with the body politic or prevailing economic system is not preternatural
However, a deep dive into the inner workings of such common phenomena
With a view to taking decisive action that’d meaningfully address disatisfaction with that status quo appears so

Now, can we not attribute that to the countless failures of seditious attempts
Aimed at effecting change, yet steeped in shallow ideals
Rebellions fuelled by ignorance and a lack of understanding and reasoning of the elevated nature?
Uprisings often thwarted by a simple combination of force and relative superior intellectual savour

People, is it not unfortunate then
That many have much to fear and no well-defined aspirations to pursue with fervour?
And is that not why those having little to live for or live on
Are almost always on the frontlines of war?

A Matter of Power

The competence required to utilise available resources in order to wield power is commendable. But to do so in a manner that is both well-meaning and appropriate with respect to the extent the power is used and the purposes for which it is used, relative to any given situation, is not so simple.

Furthermore, if there’s no mastery of the desire that becomes the impetus of creative thought and action – the mere control of structures and systems that form the foundations of power, will not be adequate provision, to give the controller enough satisfaction and reach satiation that could create some form of ‘reciprocal’ benefaction.

As a result, those who possess high effective power tend have their way in most instances, which results in asymmetry in power. Consequently, the powerless start vying for a rebalancing of the power dynamic.

However, such resistance triggers the high power groups to utilise all acquired power and available means to thwart the efforts and stifle any pressures brought on by those in defiance.

Thus, by controlling the instruments of force and the establishments that enforce laws and procedures regulating institutions of society, the powerful force the powerless to accept the imbalance through systematic indoctrination and socialisation.

And since the socially privileged typically assume that they have the right to control the interactions in relationships they have with those in the power-deficient classes, they employ interactive power as a tactic to justify oppression and the distorted relationship between them and their subordinates. For example, the behaviour of the oppressed, which may manifest as a result of the oppression they endure, is used to justify the oppression by the oppressors.

Over time, the experience of inferior/superior treatment produces a public image of being inferior/superior which is subsequently internalised as an image of self-inferiority/superiority. This then officially legitimises the unequal treatment.

So to meaningfully address this injustice, the oppressed need to understand that their oppressors need them, that is, their need to have power over them and their disdain over their independence only makes them dependent on having them as subordinates in order to define and realise their own power.

The oppressed therefore, should strive to understand that their oppressors need to be able to make demands, which are dictatorial and disobliging so that the obedience of the oppressed is the result of acquiescence to the oppressor’s will and not devotion devoid of deference.

Because only then will the oppressed effectively address their oppressors’ intolerance of their autonomy, since the very definition of the oppressors’ power is but a function of dependence on the vulnerabilities of the oppressed.


The exercise of influence
Without checks and balances
Creates a disconnect
Between a contriver and those affected by his suppositions, inferences or actions

Thus a value creator
Whose achievements rightfully deserve to be lauded
But with a reputation shrouded in controversy
Will ultimately be left in the lurch or knocked off his perch
Often without discredit to his ingenious contributions

End of March

Looking down, abashed
As markets crash
The capital class fear loss of status
Nonetheless, some in that bunch will gain much
As a result of access to insider information
Or simply the ability to adjust positions and adapt to new market conditions
Such that forces move in their favour even during a credit crunch

The so-called consumer class
Don’t fully understand their plight – such a farce
On their minds – debilitating comforts
Their actions – faux pas, peccadilloes and digital stunts
Their wishes – maintaining gainful employment
Their worries – basics becoming scarce
Lives of the soon to be the underclass – alas!

Those without – the marginalised
Have little to live for
Since minus the virus
They’d still be facing the demise
So one wonders how long their hopes will last

Game of Throngs (vi)

People pay attention and worse pay with their hard-earned income to watch others attempt to overcome seemingly insurmountable challenges

Particularly when failure and assassination of character are the high risk factors

They’ll bet billions if consensus is that odds can’t be beat unless one pulls off a Bill Benter

So much that self-efficacy for most is a concept only to be explored vicariously

Self-effacing attitudes that breed cowardice through avoidance of shame

But in a world which is but a playground and wherein we must all choose to either observe from the sidelines or get in on the action

We’re all simply part of the game, so why not take more risks and at least live our lives to the fullest?