King On A Cross

“I’ll die for mine
Nothing can deter my drive
Success, if not sanity, is the salve of sunshine on a dark night
So I make no asinine excuses
Only move forward with might”


Game Acumen

if you ever wonder
whether genius is born or made
you need look no further than László Polgár
and you’ll realise it doesn’t matter
chess or other endeavour
because only the time devoted to aptitude nurture
marks the difference between master and attempter

Reach (Text Format)

Be responsive and not simply reactive

No one need beseech you to take the leap

Because more than faith and math

Beyond impetus and the aftermath

What truly matters is that

As the market shifts

You too adapt and switch

Perhaps demonstrate your value with a different pitch

For even that which is on course

Sometimes needs to be sped along its path

While still avoiding the ditch

So that through the experience character can be enriched

And only then can true potential be reached

A Diamond on Death row (ii)

While scores die trying to make a dime
The select wealthy of the world like Ehud Arye Laniado
Lose their lives over lack of self-esteem
So naturally when one stops and thinks
Without judgement
But instead putting things into perspective
And questioning
Whether one would trade his big dick to be as rich
Whether one ought to be happy and satisfied with whatever God gifts
Whether a cushion-shaped blue diamond or fancy vivid (to be specific)
Could afford one the joy he gets from creating
And the answers could be no, yes or maybe
But truthfully
Only pure intention and a warm sensitivity
Guided by love for self and all living things
Can ever bring about peace that’s everlasting

Market Makers & Masters

He was a master at understanding the market cycle and timing it

Carefully balancing the risk of losing money and the risk of missing opportunity

But now he was in uncharted territory

A setting never before explored

With a chilling atmosphere that filled the room full of men green with envy

So despite having the edge like Phil Ivey

The fear of failure was what truly hindered him from realising his advantage in its entirety

The Ilk of Humankind

He wanted to sleep in the sky
Like an Alpine swift
She was happy getting by
And experiencing consciousness shift…

He had seigniorage shares in a distributed bank
She strongly despised the champagne glass effect…

He deemed time a gift and held on for dear life
She wasn’t afraid to die…

His reputation rested on a delicate plank
She’d never lie…

The Thin Line Between Triumph & Tragedy

Comfort can give rise to complacency
While a healthy paranoia can prove productive
So whatever you do – make sure you have a genuine motive to live
For the lack of a definite aim is life’s greatest tragedy