Will to win!

if you let yourself be weak

of mind, body, will or resolve

you will never win


Instead of just trying to make it to the league
Focus on building a legacy

Instead of trying to get rich quick
Make sure the assets you pick are not Gesell currency

And don’t be happy-go-lucky
Or spend too much time in your feelings
Instead of making money

Create intellectual property
So that your earning potential remains on an upward trajectory
Even when you’re elderly

Put the work in
Establish revenue streams with no limits
So they can never box you in

And if for some reason your net worth decreases
Be responsive and quick to reshuffle the pieces

So you can bounce back to the top where you belong
Like Dionysus on Mount Olympus

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Safeguard your spiritual powers

They want to take the good out of your hearts
And destroy freedoms that rest on the foundation of faith in the higher power – the higher vibration

They want to suppress the forces that bring unity through understanding your common humanity

They want your minds preoccupied with the pursuit of profit through speculation
Preoccupied with the struggle for superiority

They want to foster communities full of disdain
Indifferent to the collective upliftment of society and its conditions
Not communism… the order of nature

They wish to undermine productive activities that are tied to real equity… land, natural resources, and labour
To keep your collective energy output tethered to the invisible levers of these prime movers & their handlers

Strengthen your mind, body and spirit
Ready yourself to fight with your life
The fight for more than just gain, gold or glory
The fight for honour and exercise of all powers bestowed upon you by your maker
Or indeed of your own making – the manifestation of your might and light

Mastermind for more than just material delights
For the sanctity & preservation of your spiritual powers

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Women birth men
And men build things

If sons become merchants
And daughters nurses
They’ll have sustenance and good health

If acquainted with lawyers and public officials
They’ll exert influence

And since the moral has little in common with the political
And in nature, rights are exercised through force
And freedom is but an instinct

Show them how to exist
Shape how they live
And because the powers of reasoning have often been proved superficial
Guide them so that they don’t simply become men and women with petty passions, sentiments, beliefs and traditions

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Living in the aristocracy of money 

Where qualifications are established in wealth

One ought to understand what that wealth is dependent upon 

And who provides the motive force for the knowledge that forms the foundation of beliefs and intellect

For, in substance, everything is almost always settled by the question of figures

After all, per eos reges regnant

The Misanthrope With No Money

a healthy dose of skepticism can save one

unnecessary loss and embarrassment

however, pure cynicism, rooted in a lack of understanding or just downright ignorance

can take hold like an infection, at a great cost to personal advancement


Young inspirator
Go on, be a go getter
But just remember that sooner or later
You’ll come under pressure
And when such a time comes
Exercise good judgement and avoid fatal errors
Lest you end up like Valentine Strasser

Her Heart ii

More than your heart
She wants 12 million acres
Like Gina Rinehart
So don’t think you can play her

Lo and Behold

Songs of innocence are no more
All that’s left are voices under the control of moguls like Vincent Bolloré
Still they bellow, at the top of their lungs, but the sound never reaches shore from the slave boats
Even as they sail the trade routes
Ivory Coast, Gabon, Cameroon, Congo

And the silent wars go on
Right under their noses
While they embrace narratives manufactured on bible paper
Unbeknownst to them, their souls remain very much shackled

The Reflection of Self

a sense of self-importance and moral superiority breeds self-righteousness

and self-deprecation, low self-esteem or having no sense of self-worth shatters dreams

all such things considered bring clarity to the reality that is

you are what you believe