No Hell In Haven

To get rich
They keep the circle tight-knit
Almost like family
The way Serhiy Kurchenko and Yanukovych did it
Moving funds at a Quickpace
To some obscure place like Saint Kitts and Nevis
Where they can avoid tax
And not give two f*cks like Pavel Fuchs
Spending every day like it’s the weekend


Boardroom Politic

A workman on his feet is higher than a nobleman on his knees

Oh, yes indeed! There’s no greater sorrow than that colouring the face of a man who has no choice but to borrow

You follow? That aside – manners are truly the decorum of action

And courtesy sure costs nothing and yet buys all kinds of favours

To Paint A Man

In the words of Cromwell, ‘paint me as I am, wart and all.’

Just as well, I shall.

But please – no expressions of regret, hurt, or waste withal!

Oh, no… anything brought to life is never dull!

The Home of Heuristic Hymns ii

How ignorant are the men who decide to put one among them in a power position, only to complain when he exercises authority to make decisions with the consent he was given. But then again, who am I to judge them when clearly they furnish my fecund imagination with material time and again.

It also appears to me that often we are free in asking questions yet bound in giving answers. So to settle the question of taste, simply give man a choice. His interests will be reflective of his disposition.

Concerning aims, with each sentence I try to express the most important thing by providing insights that explore the uncommon sense, and which if understood in depth, should read like Howard Marks’ Oaktree memos. And for better comprehension, I’ll continue bequeathing to you the contents of my brain through these heuristic hymns so that whosoever wills can discern. 

Food for thought to the enquiring. A helping hand to the reader, woman or man, sorta like what Robert Lawrence Kuhn is to the Chinese government or what Gary Hersham of Beauchamp is to the billionaire who wants to buy the biggest estate, except here there are no agent fees, only a slight tax on your thinking, but all for your benefit, or at least that’s the intention.

Scramble for the Sahara

If Masayoshi Son could lose 70 billion and still go on to set up a 100 billion dollar fund, then poor me, who has lost some land can hope to – in coming times – have influence over the entire Taoudeni Basin.

You reckon…

At least that’s the plan – to be as powerful as Son and Mohammad bin Salmon all in one.

Oh well, what is the future, if not the fill of fantasy and the outcome of actions inspired?

Forward is where my sights are set since only the individual can impose limits on their own possibilities, fact?

And you were never that sorta guy, I attest…

True, if I don’t die, I try… and on my laurels I never rest!

In law, or in love…

Better if we stay just friends
So we can tell one another everything without offence
Because I can’t be your man if it means I can’t be a man
Or have to resort to blue-pencilling
Besides, who said to commit, one has to omit?

In law, or in love
My freedom I place above all
You say the art already has my heart and I love myself too much to ever love you enough
Well, what can I say to that?
I just hope the fact we see things differently won’t drive us apart