The Quixotic Quest

It would have been quite easy for them to see
That their quest was quixotic
Had they not fallen victim to mass delusions and deceit
But seeing that they were already on the receiving end of ignorance
It seemed too late to save them, so to speak


Purpose is a Principle

Few will ever make names that stand the test of time
And several will outlive their fame
Still, many never reach the finish line
For they toil with no aim
So, blessed or cursed, purpose they never find


Who will help
One who through the dissociation of self
On social media
Suffers from online personality disorder?


First create a trust
As if you were John Astor in the flesh
Because you see, most people love the meaty stuff
Forgetting that the fur is what could fetch for them the most amount of cash
Enough to afford them their primal preference
And even more at a later date
When they are no longer surfeited
Thus, providing them with the best return in the long term

And it must, perforce, be that
One has to settle for less
Before they can raise their requests
Save for those who have high expectations of others
But set low standards for themselves

Theory of the Capital Class

When the object of desire was simply sustenance and leisure
Capital was the servant of his labour
But when the focus became an increase in production
It ultimately became the master

So determined to succeed in business
He was like Reginald Lewis on a mission
And he never listened to the critics
Who themselves could not create

Since in his mind there existed no competition
Only those prepared to pay
Who always got their earned respect
Because money talks as the people say

Children of the Union

Every effort towards an end
May open a gateway to new interests
Still, one cannot expect to effect a change of mind
With a bribe or threat
And yet man continues on his perilous quest to dominate
While woman fiercely defends her honour in hopes of recalibrating society
Which if looked upon carefully
Is simply the animal kingdom in ascent
Or in actual fact its vilest state

The Paper

He wanted to be a penman
But then realised he’d probably never be a top earner
So he made the quantum leap, to his advantage, like Dan Peña

First he worked to be independent
Making sure he’d never be a debtor
Then exercised efficiency of labour
Amplifying his passions with every endeavour
By committing to being a lifelong learner