Crown About Town

girl or boy about town
be mindful of the attitude your demeanor emphasises

because truth be told
when the rate of interest rises
the value of the bond once held dear goes down

man or woman with the frown
be thoughtful instead of spewing out platitudes
because silence, especially during hours when we’re sour, makes for cleaner canvasses

youth and the old
discover that growth comes not in sets or sizes
but with skin rings like the folds in our gowns


Dead Peasants

Then the spirit had its say:

success is predicated on communication
and there’s no appreciation without consideration
so evaluate whether your network is truly your net worth

if not, go through that contact list and work your way down the alphabet
disconnect if they’re not your Ruth Porat
hold your own then make everyone accountable
save only those with whom real value is shared

don’t live to work
work where you live
forget free time
for the wealthy – it’s always pay time

put your residence under a corporate
and let that be your place of business
so that whoever you pay your bills to, is paid to order, on behalf of your trust
that way you can write-off some chunks

and since love is law with emotional clauses
and family is rightfully a business
it only makes sense to mind one’s own

above all, be independent
get money back for spending it
and don’t be the insured
who let other businesses (families) benefit from dead peasant life insurance

The Chase

forgot my exes
paid my system and black taxes
then upped the stakes
didn’t wait for the gods to bless
instead, I just kept chasing the stacks

penned a verse
dealt with the stress
faced the tests
was down but never depressed
instead, I just kept chasing the stacks

Trading on a Full Moon

money may line a man’s pocket
but character constitutes the content of his docket

and just as a piece of silver is not a gold nugget
heartbreak cannot be felt by simply looking at a lover’s locket

that’s why like an eye without a socket
having resources with no mission or vision is attempting to take a spacecraft to the moon without a rocket

Time To Talk Trade

trade talks when there’s a trust deficit lead to trade war contention
besides, who really knows what’s real and what’s the guise?

who can imagine what’s on the minds of the likes of Zheng Bijian
when everything is after all just a peaceful rise?

is dollar diplomacy dead
who will control the global value chains
by what means and which methods
and what will be the impact of tariffs on cost and sales price?

who will transfer technology in exchange for access to market
who will propagate policies that promote protectionism
and how will that disrupt the present multilateral trading system?

Pulpit Polemics

sarcasm, gallows humour, provocation
in tones of condescension

gestures with traces of ostentation
when they address the congregation

woe to the leaders of our nation

King On A Cross

“I’ll die for mine
Nothing can deter my drive
Success, if not sanity, is the salve of sunshine on a dark night
So I make no asinine excuses
Only move forward with might”