Being is a decision to live

Human nature
Is the most important factor
In the development of human conditions
And on a bright sunny day as this
One naturally had the optimism
Checking the balance on Binance
Then executing a few trades
Before heading towards the water on recess
To reset the mind
Refresh and strategise
Before making the day’s other decisions
Since ultimately making decisions
Is what we’re faced with
In the time of opportunity
Whatever the pursuit


a fortnight into February iii

When the value we find in everything is but relative and derived
Is it any wonder romance in the face of decadence still thrives?

yoU aRe Love

Love on the brain

The digital domain
Avatar speculating…

Yes, nothing thrills like a new fling
But surely it’s just chasing that old feeling…

The Purveyor of Profundities ii

They say you change every seven years
If that’s the case, I guess I skipped a few cycles then
Because me and this pen been friends about double that and some change
Or maybe it’s the one side of my brain saying the born great never change
When lines pour outta me again and again, or as and when
But sometimes I wonder if heaven needs rain… o, how I hate to explain
Other times whether the craft is even good enough for them to discern
Ephemeral confidence only leading me to make another attempt
Even begging the gods to gimme just one more sentence
Then thanking the forces for making me feel great again
Even if only in an instance

Passion, At Last!

you’re my
desired distraction
tacit temptation
sweet sensation

and I’m your
comfort companion
sobering connection
irresistible indulgence

but in reality we’re just
pleasure partners
a touch today, maybe a tear tomorrow
but in this moment it’s only us

Love Lives

Can’t love you now
But won’t let you down
I’ll be the man you always thought I could become
To her, who for me, is the one

Peace From The Podium

It is the principle you pursue
Not the podium presentation
That is the mark of real progress
And true portrayal of personality