Thought Expression

The secret to any successful operation is concentration of purpose; but that all depends on disposition of character, clarity of thought, and effort.



As if seeing me only occasionally
is not already sacrifice enough
Now even your time by my side
out of necessity I’ve had to halve

But as other devotions
keep us apart
For all eternity
you shall have my heart

God’s Glory

The Search for Substance

When he finally understood the principle of value and momentum

He found the resolve to captain the continuum

Realising average wouldn’t cut it

And the rank of humble seafarer was distinctly undesirable

That it became his primary interest

To manage the capital like Cliff Asness

It was all work and no rest

She wanted to him to slow down, settle and get married

He wanted to run ventures like Michael Moritz

And nothing was going to distract him, it was not an option

So he dared not lose his focus

For it seemed security was the only way to bliss

And it’s fair to say the world had turned him into one who perceived it just like this

Mainstay Minutes iv

In the writer’s lair
Locked in for days
Pressing pen to the max
No need for hand rests

Besides, can’t suspend facts
Gotta learn quick and think fast
Because see, glory is a thing of the past
And only a true telling can make an impression that lasts

So no rest, no fuss
Simply a switch of the wrist
After all, can’t help it I’m ambidextrous
And will do whatever it takes to secure my stake

Heard them say life is a bit*ch
But never quite understood it
Because over here everything’s bliss
Enjoying the fruits of taking full responsibility

But of course one is prepared to sacrifice
Sleep, sometimes worse
Connections one would rather not break

Fair to say, such is the way of devotion
A thing for some, still hard to fathom
Even when it’s clear there’s unwavering dedication to an art form

Flag of Conquest: March Motivation

Imagine scaling a steep mountain face
For a million miles
Before reaching the summit
And flying your flag of conquest

Dream of buying up Mount Hampden
From the government
Forget the Pioneer Column
Set up own establishment

Because what is ambition
But a desire to influence
And motivation
If not the sweet science of directing energy toward an end?


Sky awash with light
A new dawn
Fresh beginnings in sight
And on the horizon
Everything looks bright

But the mind can only find its source of reflection
Once it acquires the power of clarity in thought and consideration
So to direct your predilection toward the upliftment of all
Should be your true vocation.

To have drive
Is such a delight
And with zeal and willpower
You don’t even need might… only to act right

Because even though revolutions can shake the structures of society
They seldom transform the mind of man
So to find pleasure in self-discovery
Is how you achieve fulfilment – whatever your orientation.