Risk-Adjusted Returns

If you don’t take chances
You may regret realising later
That not taking risks
Was the real flaw in your plan of advancement

And the only thing in the way of your success
Was that you never took the necessary actions
And steps needed to turn your dreams to reality

You will be forced to face the undeniable truth
That perhaps you just didn’t want it enough
That you preferred the idea of success
As a dream and not your reality

That you didn’t do what was necessary
By all and any means

who is your god

who designs the system, content & components of the curriculum in education
who inculcates the pupils
who controls the press if it doesn’t echo the voice of the people
who administers laws with contradictions of interpretations
who enmeshes the populace in webs of legislation by arbitrary governments
who advocates for a nation’s friends or foes
who presents options for choice of the will
who dictates the electoral code of conduct
who propounds the idea of liberty and equality
who organises the archives of history
who issues licenses to the freedom seekers
who brandishes weapons of terror against natural intelligence & intuition
who bestows fortune and favour
who decides the fate of the slayed & spared

is your god

War Ready

Pack a Punch!

Some people will tell you how much they believe in you
Some will profess they share your vision
But only a few will actually show their support with action

So what does this teach us, what are the lessons?

Never count on even those that you trust
Alas, everyone has different goals and priorities
And thus, you’ll walk different paths

Don’t expect much, only from self
Because you can always back it up
With relentless effort
Since you’re the one who really wants it that much

Stay focused, stay sharp!
Stay ready, pack a punch!

Levy Letter

He endeavoured
To be as good a value investor as David Tepper
However, living in a doggy-dog era
He stood a better chance being a trapper
At least on paper

Bringing Forth Growth

there appears to be a correlation between growth and an increased responsibility load

and managing both is an expansionist’s service oath

also, decisive action and accountability when at fault one cannot afford to compromise on

because doing what others won’t typically makes you captain of the boat

but know that your character shall be tested and if not totally committed to the cause, you’ll come up short

35 ‘til I die


The last few years have been a wild ride. Laying down foundations, building, growing. Conquests and triumphs and a fair amount of challenges and tragedies. All part of the journey.

Through it all, I never stopped writing. Was simply working on other forms. Slightly different to the material you typically find on this blog.

If interested in that other side, you’re welcome to check out the work.

Stay safe,
love always

I of July

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Time Sovereignty

Financial independence
That’s what I’m pursuing
Ownership of my time and control over the options
As far as how I choose to live out my dreams

So I’ll trade my time for bitcoin
Not cloths strips or aggry beads
Or anything based on an ersatz gold monetary standard
That’d only make me a slave to the system

Give me honest money
Not currencies backed only by armies
Digits on screens serving the purpose of counterfeit bills