Father Forgive Him

Father forgive him
For a fresh spring of consciousness governed his being
Before detail and accuracy
Before language and logic

Before the world’s hopes
Before feathers from the flock
Before the cradle sheets
Before the names echoed
Before the birth certificate
And all things inherited

Father forgive him
The defiant spawn
For the customs and teachings he ignored
For any wrongs since his force wandered off and altered the course


Six Soapstone Sculptures: Sacred Scene

if the truth is that which cannot be refuted

and a lie makes one look foolish

may God be my witness!

let me do what’s right and make no excuses

allow me to be creative and accumulate patents

for those are the best legal contracts

and if I must invest

then let me place my bets where I can take the hurt

and for what it’s worth

I know sometimes one can’t even buy into the best

otherwise I’d have me even a single share of SEL

and wouldn’t hesitate to cut Shunpei Yamazaki a cheque

whatever his request

maybe one day, but for now

see that I play safe


you say I must participate in the markets

for that’s the nature of our civilization’s establishment

you advise against an obsession with price movements

and say that I should protect my data and brain matter from the unfiltered streams when connected to the web

that I must fear not blood nor bruises

but do what it takes to achieve it

as long as I’m sincere about my motives

for that’ll be my greatest show of strength

not a sign of weakness

so God be my witness

as I chase these six figures

Love Again

Carmen cared
But it was complicated

Kim was committed
So can’t blame the distance and have to admit
I just wasn’t ready for marriage

Ivy had heart
But we grew apart

Tamara was sweet
But in the end we wanted different

Shae was passionate
So a minor misunderstanding would come to spell the end

Cookie was loyal
Truly a good friend

And to the wonderful women
Who taught me all I know

I’ll forever be thankful
For you gave me hope

When I thought I couldn’t love again
You proved me wrong

Now I’m blessed to have found her
And it feels good to be home

Sayings For Sale, Still!

Ellesse fits
Receipts and wires bounce back and forth like balls off tennis rackets
Man, who could have imagined?
I think one once said “The mind cannot foresee its own advance”
Reckon that was Friedrich Hayek
Whatever the case, no time to fact-check
Gotta make this appointment at the bank
Gotta cash my cheques
Gotta get sustenance

Mind on success
And yes, I hear them talking reckless
But I never listen
And respectfully, I could care less for their opinions

Besides, I know hard work will never bring disgrace
And one thing I know… they won’t outwork me
No – not a chance!
Because I keep at it
And art is just a habit
No secret to staying revelant
Never stat checking
Never concerned with measurements
Focused on the race
That I’ll win at my own pace
Under rules I dictate
For heaven’s sake
Call that ignorance
But how can they claim my truth makes no sense
When they lack the capacity to comprehend
And I dare them prove me wrong
Write back a verse
And I’ll be sure to write back in a few minutes
The same amount of time it took me to pen this… shhhh.

Roam Free

free thinking
comes at a cost that is often priceless
however, to be honest with oneself
one has to have insight into the intent
behind a chosen line of reasoning