The Equality of Responsibility

the equality of responsibility as an issue pertaining to humanity
unless achieved in law and action
will always remain a logical fallacy
much like the notion that being thought to be not afraid constitutes bravery
or that the wealth of the Sassoon family was amassed legitimately

so the artist who given licence
has choice of what weight of responsibility to carry
and although potent his poetry may be
or opulent her melody
without honesty
it’s tantamount to propaganda, pillory, praise, conspiracy, fantasy…
since it all comes down to who you are
not what you wish to become
and only through action is your humanity fully exhibited

whether you are an Edison or Westinghouse…
ultimately, it’s what you do it for
that will be the true measure of your contribution


Heath Muchena, 2017

House of Halyott

Who would have thought
That the work of his hand
Would be in such high demand

H-seal stamped all over contracts
Confident in the strengths – time and again proven
But continuing to lay brick by brick
And building on the foundation

Making something out of everything


Heath Muchena, 2017

Three Shots

she doesn’t expect anything from me
that’s why she gets so much more

although our only commitment is to personal happiness
the way she loves makes me believe she’d take a shot for me
and lately I’ve been thinking I’d take two for her

in defence – her protector
at every opportunity – her provider


Heath Muchena, 2017

A Writer’s Worth

why worry or wonder what the writing is worth
when without it, the world over, the wise cannot be made worthy

without which, victory holds no weight
and nothing can hold back an enemy
let alone win warriors a state

why wonder why
when once the word touches the eye
it sounds in the ear
and beats to the soul’s rhythm

bringing a smile or tear
and exposing all that we fear or hold dear

why worry where a writer finds his work
when his weapon is that which birthed the world
and without which nothing would be here


Heath Muchena, 2017

Lust Forever vii

he didn’t expect to lose interest so fast
but no thanks to the Coolidge Effect
the romance didn’t last

appears to have been just another case
of man and the tendency to infatuate

she wanted to cuddle
but he was drawn to the recesses of his instinctive nature

o, how oxytocin created trouble
when a bond it tried to nurture
while the overdose of dopamine
energised him to seek more pleasures

if only endo-battles didn’t burst the bubble
a love could’ve blossomed, no?


Heath Muchena, 2017

Chasing Carmen iii

There’s not a single emotion I haven’t felt
For you my everything – breath and even heartache

You’re my memory and my escape
The one who gave my heart its shape


Heath Muchena, 2017

Winona’s Web

search engines make it all too easy to invade privacy
and my curiosity is tempting me into typing her name you see

but I hope by making this confession she’ll pardon me
since my heart is already at her mercy


Heath Muchena, 2017