Majesties of the Mundane

if you search the space
on any given day
even when you think things couldn’t get any worse
rays of light are never far away


Consigliere’s Corner

I think I could turn a black rock into a trillion like Larry Fink

Never waste a moment, eye on the prize, dare not blink

Principal position, and make no mistake – always playing for keeps

So pretty please, let me take the hot seat; leave Hector on Stilts playing but hand me the manuscript – forget the drink

Losing Limerence

You’re the one I see every time I close my eyes… lucid dreaming right before I drift to sleep at night
A habit hard to break despite the heartache it brings about at times

But how can I let go of perfection without ruining the ideal
And ain’t that what love is – if we’re truly keeping it real?

Still, without you I never know how to feel
Emotions all bottled up because only you can break the seal

But since what’s wholesome and good can also be hard to swallow like bitter melon
I’m embracing the pain, taking some time alone, and letting the memory of you erode so that my soul can heal


Spent the past several days in the lair
Spring sure put one in my step
Hadn’t felt that impassioned for a time to be fair
But as soon as the characters revisited… evolved and ready to move the plot along
Words started to pour out onto the pages
And I simply noted the contents of my imagination

It’s true that when effort matches expectation, an artist finds their flow
And I’m convinced my goal is one that’s quite reasonable and attainable
As long as I give it my all and continue to explore
I have no doubt destiny will have it so that the works I create be just as good, if not better than my idol’s

And not only is it conceivable, but by my own measure it is in practice achievable
On the condition God grants me another 20 years like he did him

10 Questions (Be Mine)

Does he take the time

To appreciate how fine your waistline…

Or how delicate your behind…

Does he evoke the sublime 

Or treat you like a treasure find…

Whet your mind, wine and dine…

Are you every fruit in his eye

Does he shield your heart from the lies…

Is he your ride or die…

If not, why won’t you be mine?

Poems, Charms & God’s Vineyard (x)

Can’t give one single reason
But know that you’re the one I love
Put that on everything!

And if you doubt me one bit
All I ask is that you wait ’til such evening
When I can get home to you where I belong

Be that you’d have moved on
No longer mine to hold
O, woe to such thought!
I know not how to cope with such loss

Because you take away my love then you take away all hope
And without you there’s nothing left in the world to gain
Only pain and pithy poems
Which you never cared to read
Yet only you could ever read me right

Remember you said
It pains that our lives are mapped out
That we hold no future together
That you need to force yourself to let go?

Well, I say
Our lives are mapped out, yes – but that creates chance
And if fate has it in our future to find ourselves together again
Trust, you can have it all

Clean Quarters 

Fresh scribble for every new debacle
When surrounded by extremes
That’s how I find my way to the middle
The happy place where everything is still and peaceful

Living and loving a little
And I still marvel at life’s spectacles
Knowing all is not always what it seems
But existence always mirrors how one feels