Poems, Charms & God’s Vineyard (x)

Can’t give one single reason
But know that you’re the one I love
Put that on everything!

And if you doubt me one bit
All I ask is that you wait ’til such evening
When I can get home to you where I belong

Be that you’d have moved on
No longer mine to hold
O, woe to such thought!
I know not how to cope with such loss

Because you take away my love then you take away all hope
And without you there’s nothing left in the world to gain
Only pain and pithy poems
Which you never cared to read
Yet only you could ever read me right

Remember you said
It pains that our lives are mapped out
That we hold no future together
That you need to force yourself to let go?

Well, I say
Our lives are mapped out, yes – but that creates chance
And if fate has it in our future to find ourselves together again
Trust, you can have it all

Clean Quarters 

Fresh scribble for every new debacle
When surrounded by extremes
That’s how I find my way to the middle
The happy place where everything is still and peaceful

Living and loving a little
And I still marvel at life’s spectacles
Knowing all is not always what it seems
But existence always mirrors how one feels 

Addis Ababa Love iii

there was no great rift
only something special that we both cherished

and we were fully aware what the other brought to the relationship

she was my African queen
honey dip
baobab drink
madumbe coconut oil fried crisp

I was the Epsom salt to her feet
her relaxation
her need

it’s safe to say we were a perfect fit

The Purveyor of Profundities

Neither an artist
Nor a prophet of profit
Just a purveyor of profundities
And provider of fresh offerings

An ultra fast laser writing in glass, encoded to 5D data storage.

Courtesy of eigHt, proudlyassociated.africa, Africa Affiliate, Africa Think Elite, Institution Building Africa Partnership, and support.

Available as early as late 2019. Until then I have hundreds more just for ya’ll!

My Life, Your Lesson

life is a constant battle
and no matter how big the obstacle
you can always be the victor
as long as you never give up!


Ain’t nothing new
Still going through pages by the bundle
Still love my women beautiful

But sybaritism in doses
And I never make promises
Only stay consistent

Still work harder than these dudes
Who cares if they pray that I lose
When life is this good and I’m making moves

To the family – forever loyal
To the crew – always be cool

Who needs fans when you have equals
At 32, I’m just happy doing what I do

Love Long Lost

The other day I thought about reaching out
When I saw a tragedy on the news
Just to check up on you
But knew you wouldn’t be expecting it
Which made me apprehensive
And so decided against it

I imagined you’d be somewhere safe
Most likely in somebody’s arms
So to disturb your happy moment
I didn’t think it worth the risk