Coin Carol: The Block Is Hot

the deal was sealed and time bound
now all they had to do was confirm the hash timelock contract
to complete the smart atomic swap

and it was on this basis
that they could make a fair exchange
with no middlemen
and all being transparent
that there was left no room to question

the system was absolute
like a grave from where there can be no inquisition of life


The Unknowing Enchantress

Met a goddess and an angel
So timely
As if to bring out the best in me

Seems so irrational
Curiosity got the best of me

But since she appreciates poetics
I’m hoping for this she’ll pardon me
That is, if she should ever decode
Or read between these lines

Figments of my imagination
Which run away with my mind
Into an imaginarium of intrigue
Where I always imagined there existed her kind

A rare breed
Beauty, brains, benevolence…

How blessed I felt making her acquaintance
Because even though it was from a distance
I was still very much enchanted with her presence

Only Fools Fall in Love on a Friday

They long for romance
And yet remain reticent
A folly all too common
Among our men and women

Who forget there was once a time
When freedom was frowned upon
O, how imperceptive are our ladies and gentlemen?

We cannot master our essence
So we imagine it easier to subdue others
Casting nets to catch our fancy’s best
Only to enslave ourselves

Always under the impression our needs are the cause of things
Often missing a truth in plain sight
That our needs are in fact the effects of the things themselves


Black Butterfly,
How artful

Your active preservation
Balances my energies

While your soft wings
Keep me warm

Kill my cold-blooded ego
With your sunshine.

Pieces of April

Season after season
Temptations, transgressions, and everything in-between

Days in, nights out
Sex and sentiment
Love’s dark arts
Indulged in way too much

That nothing can make it right
Not necessity, passion, or commitment

Still, to give one’s heart
Whatever is left of the pure parts
Is hope for a new beginning

Verse for Jess

sweet and soft like a marshmallow
such tenderness
how can I let go?

when I’m with you

feels like home
no cares nor stress
when in our zone

guess it’s not too much for you to ask
for commitment

besides, when without you

feel so lovelorn
no happiness
only emptiness

so strap the leather round my leg
don’t wanna fly
if I can’t nest here

lay your head on my chest
and please don’t cry
I’m not going anywhere

The Sandton Times

I’m no Jim Ovia
But my focus is at its zenith
Got no time for trivia
Only into big things
The name is Heath Muchena
And you’re welcome here… On The Heath