Lord Cuddle’s Cradle Cravings

she had nothing on but a sarong

Polynesian pareu

hair down to her shoulders flowing

hips moving – full view

as she serenaded him with song

trying his best to stay calm

but mesmerised by her glow

never before had he laid eyes on a creature this beautiful

nothing short of a godsend angel

lavender sleep

cradle cravings

deep in dream

was Lord Cuddle

Poems, Charms & God’s Vineyard (x)

Can’t give one single reason
But know that you’re the one I love
Put that on everything!

And if you doubt me one bit
All I ask is that you wait ’til such evening
When I can get home to you where I belong

Be that you’d have moved on
No longer mine to hold
O, woe to such thought!
I know not how to cope with such loss

Because you take away my love then you take away all hope
And without you there’s nothing left in the world to gain
Only pain and pithy poems
Which you never cared to read
Yet only you could ever read me right

Remember you said
It pains that our lives are mapped out
That we hold no future together
That you need to force yourself to let go?

Well, I say
Our lives are mapped out, yes – but that creates chance
And if fate has it in our future to find ourselves together again
Trust, you can have it all

Fenomeno – Case & Condition 

On this night, the heavens were mantled with rosy lights
The two tucked into their Cape Receife Sea Bass caught at noontide
And served with all kinds of verdure
While they got to talking about their endeavours

Disagreeing only upon some subtle trivialities
Such as whether something ought to be classified unnatural or naturally defective
But on matters of significant interests they were clever to keep their discourse largely agreeable

I suppose to be cultured or cultivated is to understand that caution need not imply cowardice
And appeasing another’s taste is the best way to serve a good dish

After a few sips of the Vergelegen wine
The gentlemen naturally loosened their lips
And the conversation flowed in the direction of Lionel Phillips’ wife, Florence, almost destroying the wine estate’s potential to grow such palatable sweet vines
What a disaster that would have been – the men agreed

‘I’ve always figured that every producer is essentially a consumer, but not every consumer is a producer
Just as not every politician, sound as his ideas may be, is a practical man,’ one of the men remarked

‘The same can be said of men today
Too much action but misplaced arginine,’ the other responded

‘Enter the age of woman
Form taking on new meaning’

‘And perhaps power – a new definition’

‘Whatever the case… even though it appears mankind is finally taking steps in the right direction to address inequality, I still get the sense that it may just be the beginning of a new type of conditioning…’

And the conversations carried on until first light


Heath Muchena, 2017

Mailbox on 88

He wanted limited liability
And so he set up a B.V.
Dutch trust office, mailbox company, shell corporation…
You know what? it doesn’t even matter – that’s just terminology

But peep game and observe how he really played for keeps

He was no Pac but did it strictly for his Negus
Slicker than Viktor Khrapunov
And more connected on the ground than Leviev – the king of diamonds
Jacob on his wrist you’d think he was Bukharian

His lifelong ambition – to have a stake in Africa Israel Investments
And establish links such as these


Mulberry Mews

the world’s conniving
and it’s cold outside

I’d rather stay here
where it’s warm
inside you
all night

before tomorrow arrives
and I shall be inclined to return to the mine
to work and earn my ether
an endeavour which may take forever

but to decentralise and self-govern is destiny
like an application on the Ethereum blockchain

so who am I to go against the grain?
I was born to be free and staying would eventually give me fetter pains

pardon my utterances if they’ve become cryptic all of a sudden
it’s just that I’d rather not spoil the evening – this moment
by telling you what I’ve been withholding

that by sunrise
I’m to journey to a land of fire and mud volcanoes
way out there in Azerbaijan
where I shall be on assignment before proceeding to Uzbekistan
to view the Savitsky Collection

o, believe me woman
to be so far away from you for so long
is to slice the heart open

and as I stand here now on our bedroom balcony
smoking this organic golden leaf grown in granitic loam
while you curl up on the daybed looking at me
unawares you’ve just inspired a poem

letter forms and written words retrieved from memory as I create

thinking how the world’s conniving
and how cold it is outside

I’d rather come there
where it’s warm
inside with you


Heath Muchena, 2017

Made in the Moor

beyond the silvery tinkle of a stream
I could hear the birds sing

the tremulous tench sky
shifting from golden to red

heavenly beams

then suddenly she appeared
as if out of a dream

and when hers met mine – our eyes

nothing more to be said
but that we found happiness


Heath Muchena, 2017

The Definitive Discourse

It was just moments into the discourse that he realised he couldn’t win the debate. Clearly he’d made a grave mistake underestimating her.

His demagoguery was inferior in the face of her diligent diplomatic displays. The delivery of her doctrine made her ideas appear as the guiding principles for how her party would achieve its goals rather than a prescription of ideals. That’s what made all the difference to the citizens who’d long since been fed up of listening to the empty promises made time and time again by cunning politicians.

He’d taken her for just another pretty anti-establishment activist and little had he known she was very determined to bring about real change and address the rampant corruption in the city. In some ways she resembled Virginia Raggi, particularly in her ability to articulate her views and just her sheer tenacity.

Ultimately, in the eyes of the public he was a symbol of the status quo while she, on the other hand, represented movement.

He had failed to realise that Continuity is not the same as Stasis and that the former bolsters any transition while the latter resists and delays change.

His message had not been aligned with the times and it didn’t take the populace long to figure out who they thought was best equipped to innovate but still preserve the glorious legacy of their old customs. It was unmistakably evident even to the establishment that he wasn’t the man best suited for the job and that they had to consider the obvious alternative. She was the sensible, and in truth, the rightful candidate.

The people had reached a stage where they were prepared to let go of the redundant traditions – which essentially had been responsible for the unfair practice of reserving powerful positions for the males – in order to secure a progressively steady future.


Heath Muchena, 2017