Scramble for the Sahara

If Masayoshi Son could lose 70 billion and still go on to set up a 100 billion dollar fund, then poor me, who has lost some land can hope to – in coming times – have influence over the entire Taoudeni Basin.

You reckon…

At least that’s the plan – to be as powerful as Son and Mohammad bin Salmon all in one.

Oh well, what is the future, if not the fill of fantasy and the outcome of actions inspired?

Forward is where my sights are set since only the individual can impose limits on their own possibilities, fact?

And you were never that sorta guy, I attest…

True, if I don’t die, I try… and on my laurels I never rest!


In law, or in love…

Better if we stay just friends
So we can tell one another everything without offence
Because I can’t be your man if it means I can’t be a man
Or have to resort to blue-pencilling
Besides, who said to commit, one has to omit?

In law, or in love
My freedom I place above all
You say the art already has my heart and I love myself too much to ever love you enough
Well, what can I say to that?
I just hope the fact we see things differently won’t drive us apart

Sunset in Spring

I’ve been waiting so long for this moment
I sure hope things steadily obtained are truly long retained
And that the feeling we’ve discovered here, this evening, will never end…

I’ve heard that it’s better to deserve success than to have it
And that the sentiment of pleasure is stimulated in the bosom of the spectator
But you’re not a trophy and I’m not in it for conquest
So pretty missus, believe me when I say that I seek no achievements, only blessings
For in your good graces is where I find favour

Please don’t hide your heart, I beg ya
Be not as the flower that flings its odour where no one is present to delight in the fragrance
Or the gem of glorious ray that dwells in a dark unfathomed cave
Let me discover who you are
Be as free as a bird
I’m willing to go the distance
This can’t be evanescent…

No need for us to be perfidious lovers
And indulgence need not make us sodden either
So let’s toast tonight – gin or scotch – whatever takes fancy
And just like that song by Jill Scott – keep living our lives like they’re golden…

Watching the sunset in spring.

The Cobalt Case

Setting: A hideout in Hogerty Hill, Harare
Dramatis Personae: Emmerson, Robert, Mr Bredenkamp, Billy Rautenbach

Bredenkamp: Billy, I know we’ve had our differences. And Mr President, clearly you have some pressing matters with your wife’s recent…

Emmerson: Uh-um!

Bredenkamp: Right, point taken. Emmerson, we go way back. Anyway, I’m sure you’ve all been watching the markets and know why we’re here. The price has doubled and if my memory serves me right, this was always our shared vision. We are supposed to be the Cobalt Kings but we’re letting Iorich and them take the whole shit!

Robert: The Russians told me Pala Investments now controls significant market share.

Bredenkamp: The problem we have here gentleman, is a clear failure on our part, to deal both in present commodities and in future prospects.

Billy Rautenbach: Says the man who made it all but possible for Gertler to control Mukondo Mine.

Bredenkamp: We each did what we had to, although we don’t all draw the same conclusions from the facts. In fact, the interpretation of information and the definition of its relevance, is what makes all the difference. Besides, the Kabila situation was getting out of hand.

Emmerson: Still, we shouldn’t forget that Laurent made us all very rich.

Robert: With all due respect gents, I’m knackered! Let’s talk business, shall we?

Bredenkamp: So, the long and short of it is that all these tech giants need the wonder metal and the industry will remain dependent on it as long as they continue to manufacture lithium-ion batteries. I think it’s time we venture back into the DRC and see what we can make of this opportunity!

Billy Rautenbach: This surge in demand makes that proposition rather attractive, even though I do have my reservations…

Bredenkamp: Initiative is imagination put into action my old friend. This is potentially very lucrative. Let’s set our personal feelings aside.

Robert: Right, so tell me – what do you need?

Bredenkamp: We need to get in touch with Joseph.

Emmerson: I’ll make the call.

Robert: Let’s be cautious but unafraid.

A Spring Affair

In a sudden burst of inspiration
I reached for my pen
As it dawned on me that past patterns of thought shape present moments
And that experience is the harbinger of truth

She had been the only one on my mind the entire weekend
And waking up in her presence was not only heart-warming but fulfilling
Much like the essence…
Of a perfect spring celebration

Aries… bronze skinned Eriterian
5”11… Habesha sweet sensation
Straight outta heaven
Whose tales of travel sparked my imagination

We explored one another
Discovered desire and inflamed our burning passions
I treasured most the discovery of a mind so alike
And now I understand why harmony loves company

More than her exquisite exterior
I found her self-expression captivating
She said such things as:
Education, etymologically speaking, derives from educere, which is Latin for leading out – contrary to the popular belief that it is a matter of pouring in…

And there I was
Ironically, taking it all in
The ambience… every little thing

10 Questions (Be Mine)

Does he take the time

To appreciate how fine your waistline…

Or how delicate your behind…

Does he evoke the sublime 

Or treat you like a treasure find…

Whet your mind, wine and dine…

Are you every fruit in his eye

Does he shield your heart from the lies…

Is he your ride or die…

If not, why won’t you be mine?

Constantia iii: Law & Principle 

Setting: Dawn Avenue, Constantia

Personae: Sir M. Thatcher – a businessman;  Francis – a reporter

They don’t call me moneybags for nothing. I’m preferentially protected. Remember, bankruptcy probability is inversely proportional to wealth rank!

So in essence you’re saying the lower one’s economic status the greater the possibility for lack?

And vice versa. Yes, that’s precisely how wealth distribution works. I’m very fortunate and contented in this position.

So would be any of us, were we to find ourselves in the same. No man finds satisfaction in perpetual poverty.

Life is full of juxtapositions, ain’t it? Also, let me remind you that although wealth can be thrust upon, a position of power one has to assume.

Pareto principle at play perhaps?

More like Zipf’s law