Allegory of Love

lily of the valley
flower for the heavenly garden

exotic bloom
like a peacock’s plume

scented beauty
holy womb

teach me to be prudent
and affable

to be honest and truthful
not to trim nails at the table and spoil the revel

to serve the soul sweet food
and bedazzle with a balloon festoon

to be good and cheerful
to experience heavenly perfection through earthly passion

no sedition, no scandal
no gossip, no gamble

lady with skin dark like Kaffa coffee beans
in a prestine white wedding dress like Anne of Brittany’s

not a virgin
but pure nonetheless

this honeyed wine on our honeymoon
is made to make us glad

let’s taste the forbidden fruit
and indulge in sacred sex


The Case of Connie & Teiid vs The People

she wanted to be an influencer but she was no Sara Mazur

he was a proponent of hard power but didn’t have strength enough to see firm actions through

nonetheless, they shared a strong desire for dominance

hers over the airwaves

his over the base

so together they plotted against the people in a quest to establish their reigns


6 of 12, Half-open Door

to open the mind’s eye, one has to search inside their soul
and only with good intentions can they set the right goal

and though one needs not the whole world to make it on their own
what good is having it all only to end up alone?

an outpour of the heart is more effective than the best orator’s repertoire
and only through surrender to the force is one able to exist as nature – without fear of loss

one cannot dream of a future if they haven’t lived at all
but to dwell in the past is to walk through a corridor without ever getting to the other side of the door

Mind Frame Mutations

It so happens that while expectations for our lives going forward are increasing, more and more the reality is in fact diverging from the path to meeting such lofty projections.

When where we thought we’d be or what we hoped would work out in our lives gets further and further apart from where we truly are or the actual outcomes of our efforts or lack thereof, we begin to say things and act in ways we wouldn’t otherwise.

Often, when that happens, we feel we have little or nothing to lose and any action taken with that mind frame can only lead to more hurt and pain.

Saying that to say this – whatever your position, elevated or basal, let that not make you supercilious or thwart your ambitions. But above all, learn the art of living, of which an essential part is understanding the content of your feelings. That way, however the winds blow, you don’t lose sight of the essence of your existence.

To be Receptive to a Shift in Perspective is a Gift and not an Incentive

when we find our minds in the thick of thin things
someone ought to remind us that worries are oft not of things imminent
but bleak realities that we actually create and exacerbate in the thought process
an effect of distorted perception

and like slow-wave sleep with one eye open
that’s how we may feel
when gripped with fear of that which we unwittingly make real

Habits of the Happy

Make your hustle a thing of habit
So that productivity becomes the outgrowth of your system

Have focus of intention
So as to not veer off course when you encounter unexpected mishappenings

Be resolute with sacrifice
And expect every gain to come with pain in equal measure as such is the nature of life

Work on yourself and focus less on the cards you’re dealt
That’s how you influence conditions and change circumstances

Supplant the old with the new
But be equally yoked with those you choose to keep around you

Be proactive not reactive – with thoughts, words and ways
For love is action, and the sweet sensations and feelings of fulfillment you’re fiending, can only be the fruits of its labour

Try to make every move strategic
Keeping common sense close so that as you broaden the knowledge base, you also develop better intuition

Let your tactics be tacit or explicit
After carefully considering every potential pitfall and advantage
And learn to ignore silly antics

Be relentless, never procrastinate, and just make it happen
Even happiness is a habit

The Last Letter

Before Bembo’s body text, Gian Trissino’s additions to the orthography of Papal States made J more than just a swash of I.

Before the ship named Jesus sailed towards the shores of sub-Saharan lands, savages who sin they’d not have been seen as, for they were still free.

Before striving to become, live to be. Discover the gods within, but also find the devils buried deep – those we often avoid seeing and which hold us back from truly being.

Before going to sleep, influence destiny. Thoughts are waves and when tuned-in to the right frequency, you can feel light in the dark and see with eyes shut.

Before you see the light of day – pray, pray, pray!