The Indomitable Determination of Donatus Do

His will could not be subdued
Even when faced with seemingly insurmountable obstacles
He never doubted that he was capable
And so utilized every tool at his disposal
For he knew discouragement was the greatest deterrent to the attainment of his goals



All I wanted was to get ahead

Never meant to let you down
Or leave you behind

But since you feel misled
I hope someday soon
You’ll find peace of mind

Me on the other hand
Have learnt to live with no regrets

Besides, our experience
Was one of a kind
Maybe even heaven sent

And don’t forget
Planning is a function of knowing
So had I known
Life’s intent

Then maybe
Just maybe
I would have gone about things
A little different

A Fragrant Affair

He said:
sweet scent of heaven
your elegant perspiration
not to mention
your sass
they’d think you
missus, hail from Grasse…

you are rare
teach me how to love and be gentle
without unsettling my natural flair

She said:
let’s have a toast... we must!
more camomile in the cups
and keep the oud burning
let’s celebrate this occasion

make merry
make no fuss!

2196, Saxonwold

only the brave and the bold make it here
that is true
so it should be known too
that conquests by capital
are always intricate affairs
but one thing for certain, my dear
ain’t no common cubic crystal fool’s gold over there
in eGoli
perhaps a two-tone classic chrono if it at all looks brassy yellow
not that you and I care
o, but of course we do, don’t we? we care
for we don’t possess the time to understand
the theory of the leisure class
and can only afford curiosities about the wonderful world of riches
and dream of the splendours and sprees
or what it seems to all on the outside looking in
and so we all want a piece of it
and you do too, don’t you?
well then, let’s meet at 2196…
it’s only up the street!
but I can’t promise you’ll find the peace
that deep inside I know you seek

Courting Call

naked soul
swimming in her sea
with a protective shell

such a catch
hope I don’t fall
and become available
whenever she calls

The Good Decision

social suggestions saturate sentience
and markets shift to sentiment
leaving no room for reason
nor space for making sound judgements
let alone good decisions

Silence & Silhouettes: Melody for Milady

I see your eyes
When I shut mine
At night
And imagine
You by my side
Or fantasise
About the good ‘ol times
I’ve lost my mind
Or do you think maybe
Your kind
Again, I’ll never find?

Streams of silence
And the sound of night
Is my heart
It’s almost hard to describe
But Melody
My rib, my right
Do you think maybe
We live to love, only to say goodbye?