A Piece of Something

When a civilisation allows government to regulate business
And promotes social-labour movements through unions
It’s inevitable that the result will be a destruction of free enterprise
And continuous manipulation of wages and prices

And as management and workers go head-to-head
With little thought given to the true cause of their problem
Caused by the very providers of ‘capital’
Who force management to raise prices when they raise the cost of said ‘capital’
Which leads workers to demand higher wages
Creating a never-ending battle between workers and their managers

All the while the real receivers of profits
Never for a day have to perform laborious or repetitive managerial tasks
As long as they keep providing ‘capital’ at no cost whatsoever
Since they extend nothing but book credit in the form of fiat money which the masses then expect to propel economies
But actually ends up bringing industries, workers and managers into indebtedness to the ‘capital’ providers
Debts that can never be settled

Such is the world we live in
Where much of the wealth is created from nothing
All because we all want a piece of something

Such are the values we subscribe to
Such is the money we believe in
Such is the foundation upon which we’ve built our perceived prosperity

Now imagine if management could create real capital
Through legitimate supply which fulfils beneficial demand
Wouldn’t that grow industry and subsequently genuine capital?
Wouldn’t workers be appeased by the constant prices of products?
Wouldn’t that eliminate the need for interventions that focus on the problems and not the causes?
Wouldn’t that be a win-win for industry, workers and managers?
Wouldn’t that end the reign of those who benefit most for creating only the illusion of value?
Wouldn’t that end the era of corrupt capital?


In the eyes of most, the holy unction of ‘anointed’ kings & queens is no longer relevant or revered

As royal prestige is now given to capital

With power consolidated through monopoly of trade and industry

And control established through loan obligations and economic treaties

Of Class & Condition 

The schools
Teach children that the structure of human life requires division of labour
And consequently division into social classes with contrasting living conditions
All based on the idea that there are differences in importance of assignments
Ultimately, entrenching in their impressionable minds that equality is unattainable

The press
Creates movement of thought in a populace
Which has lost the habit of thinking
Unless prompted by the suggestions of pundits
Such that adults live and work to impress tablemates
Only to retire and become reliant on the aid of a state responsible for their shared fate –
A lack of independence

The Night

If the sky was a wall
You’d be nature’s mural

Imagine stardust settled
That’s how calm
The night

Feel the breeze on my skin
Hear the waves whispering
And sound of consciousness singing
It is only the beginning

From the Big Bang
To the infinite

In the distance
And right here
Is a feeling

Marvel at God’s blessings
The perfect and the painful
All the things your mind’s revealing

Imagine stardust settled
That’s how calm
The night

Go Crypto!

Don’t be slow to the draw
Get involved with those intangible coins
‘Cause the higher the stock to flow ratio goes
You already know the better choice
As far as where your value should be stored

And as long as you’re not an outright gambler like Don
You can go ahead, go like Inspector Gadget, go!

Forest, My Friend

There’s nothing wrong with starting small

But without scale or growth, there can be no sustainability or survival

It’s not hard to imagine that a mountain is made up of small rocks

Which naturally, if not layered above ground, disintegrate to soil beneath feet

It’s not hard to imagine that a forest is made up of small groves

And that a road starts off as a narrow course

Love with a gaze

And that a revelation emerges from the maze

Not hard to imagine, or is it?


A bond is a business and every business is a bond

To the unlock the keys to success requires buy-in and commitment, predicated on the expectation of maximum value extraction from a proposition

And once there’s an agreed Shamir’s secret sharing like setup, all parties can have full confidence in a shareholding scheme

Hope Brings Every Good Season

Wish you a heavenly existence
And happiness forever – not only this festive season
Hope you live through every experience
As if eternity was a moment
And love was every thought, every feeling and every action
Pray you have more open exchanges
And that you pay less Tobin taxes
Hope you carry every promise into the future with good intent
If for no other reason than the greater good

art & the price of recognition

A colorful creation
Or perfect picture painted
Yet only exhibited in the imagination
Remains undervalued like some obscure work in the Dokolo collection
Just another masterpiece undercelebrated
Even if in the mind’s eye every shade’s reflected
From royal red to blue like a Rothko at a Sotheby’s auction
Because only for what’s manifested
Will the artist be credited
Not for inspiration
Only that which has been created

white collar black market

they talk of being woke
but at the same time turn a blind eye
while white collar ties to black market crimes in commercial enterprise
exacerbate the social plight
of those at the bottom of the economic divide

but what to expect when freedom is not necessary for the organism to survive
wisdom not part of the narrative of what makes civilisation thrive
when one needs no light to have a good night
and it’s convenient to believe the lies
isn’t that the tragedy of our times folk?