All In (i)

Didn’t take a gekko changing its colours
For him to learn money was a b*tch that never slept
So he steadily became adept at maintaining a relentless work ethic
And ultimately got some

And she made him come
Though he knew she was not the one
For his first love was the pad beneath his arm
And the pen in his palm

So when the two started to go hand in hand
The passions became almost impossible to overcome

Still, questions about norms and human relations were never far from enquiring tongues
With talk of blissful companionships in the land of no qualms

But when it was all said and done
He found it hard to imagine he could ever have all in one


Wicked Weekend

Burned some sage
To clear the stage
Then asked for a dance
And so we stepped
To the sound of romance

Boardroom Politic

A workman on his feet is higher than a nobleman on his knees

Oh, yes indeed! There’s no greater sorrow than that colouring the face of a man who has no choice but to borrow

You follow? That aside – manners are truly the decorum of action

And courtesy sure costs nothing and yet buys all kinds of favours

Flight of Fancy

high on a fantasy
of fulfillment in futurity

and all I imagine

you and me
in synthesis

All Over Again

So glad you came
Mountain views at dawn are always grand
When I’m next to you

Started off with a little conversation
But we both knew where it’d end
In my bed

Can’t get enough of you

Northpine No.9 (continued)

Let’s lay bare…

Nothing but the naked truth

We’ll have to play fair

And go over everything with a fine-tooth comb

Find the self-confidence to show me your imperfections

Trust, I have more and then some

Swing by and I’ll fix a cuppa chai and black molasses brew 

I know they’re your favourite two

We can even roll up that good good

I know you’d like that too

Come over and let’s talk things through

I bet we’ll make a breakthrough

As long as we keep our intentions pure

Scramble for the Sahara

If Masayoshi Son could lose 70 billion and still go on to set up a 100 billion dollar fund, then poor me, who has lost some land can hope to – in coming times – have influence over the entire Taoudeni Basin.

You reckon…

At least that’s the plan – to be as powerful as Son and Mohammad bin Salmon all in one.

Oh well, what is the future, if not the fill of fantasy and the outcome of actions inspired?

Forward is where my sights are set since only the individual can impose limits on their own possibilities, fact?

And you were never that sorta guy, I attest…

True, if I don’t die, I try… and on my laurels I never rest!