Civilisation Under Reconstruction

with originality as the new currency of value
maybe habits won’t be mistaken for continuity or consistency

you see – they still like tiaras and carats
but don’t subscribe to romantic love or marriage
and who’s to say there’s anything wrong with that?

look – they consider pedigree over character
shadows over skeletons
shallows over depths
but what if they are right for it?

besides, is any instance of creation everlasting?


Fresh is Familiar

yearning, longing, craving
when emotions flow through the crevices
of a hardened heart

the all too familiar feeling
when searching for the missing pieces
or seeking a fresh start


now that you’re rich
remember to be discreet
like Daniel Ludwig

words he’d repeat
during self-talk
each morning
upon rising to his feet


I explore
the limitless expansiveness of my mind
trying to make sense of it all

but only God knows
from whence you came
in such heavenly form

your perfect contours
eyes that reveal the sweetness of your soul
a touch more tender than a blanketed cot

a presence words can’t capture

The Indomitable Determination of Donatus Do

His will could not be subdued
Even when faced with seemingly insurmountable obstacles
He never doubted that he was capable
And so utilized every tool at his disposal
For he knew discouragement was the greatest deterrent to the attainment of his goals


All I wanted was to get ahead

Never meant to let you down
Or leave you behind

But since you feel misled
I hope someday soon
You’ll find peace of mind

Me on the other hand
Have learnt to live with no regrets

Besides, our experience
Was one of a kind
Maybe even heaven sent

And don’t forget
Planning is a function of knowing
So had I known
Life’s intent

Then maybe
Just maybe
I would have gone about things
A little different