A Song for Alyssa too

Time with you is always gone too soon
Like the sun in the south when it’s June
But I hope even when the seasons change
In your heart there’ll still be room

Hold me tight and wear my embrace
Until my scent becomes your perfume
Blame my imagination on this full moon
But I see visions of our child from the womb to your bosom

So beautiful
Like a flower in full bloom

Living Forever in a Moment

The avoidance of regret

Might inspire one to take actionable steps

But often with unintended consequences due to triggering the onset

Of a perpetual pursuit to have desires instantly met

Or in fact the complete opposite

Foregoing immediate gratification to appreciate self-conquest in retrospect

All which can shift one’s experiences outside a moment’s presence

And as a result, impairing reason, judgement and common sense

Mind Matters

Impressions influence the formulation of opinion
And experience either confirms or contradicts bias

Perspective however, is predicated on priorities set
Based on one’s propensity to make predictions about how the future might take shape

More than a million (the nice and the not-so-nice)

For most of us, life’s happenings are beyond reason
And as such we discover the well-watered and drought ridden all in the same season
Making the self a victim of internal criticism and external realism
Full of contradictions

Connate values and inherent beliefs to justify societal standing
Tenets adopted with no intrinsic understanding of Agrippa’s trilemma
Resulting in millennium prize problems worth more than a million

So why wonder why when it’s been clear from the beginning
Take action, experience fresh feelings and end the turmoil within
Shape your own definition of freedom of thought and expression
The most potent impetus for new creations
And the tool for interpreting life’s constitution
In order to make sense of virtue and vice
The nice and the not-so-nice

Making the Most

In the omnibus will be your magnus opus
So why not carry out your life’s work and grand vision with devotion and focus
While still having reasonable expectations
Since the path to creating impact
Is often unmarked with no clear directions
And simply can’t be navigated using a compass
As many factors will ultimately determine the end result
Whether oblivion or Mount Olympus

Art Affair

Success doesn’t come quick but play fair
And always create from the heart
Because art, like satisfaction, is a personal affair

You’ll find no reason to quit if you don’t compare
Because contentment is a place all can arrive at
The only difference is how we get there

Sir Squillionaire’s Spondulix Sermons

Be the vendor of record
By all means and right methods

Work hard
Go all in and use your best efforts

Time is a premium no one can afford
So get off your phone and create a real lifelog and thought register of ideas and goals

Try to remember everywhere like the Swarm app millennials
Without life caching on social media and allowing big data to swallow your soul

Worry not who said what, when and why they hold this or that thought
Do that and the battle for originality you’ve already half won

Never pity the dead or envy the living – it’s unnatural
And don’t fill your mind with fear lest despair becomes your setting by default

Seek genuine laughter and let your motives be clear, at least to self, if not to all
For company bound by guilty pleasures and schadenfreude you must try to avoid

Until the next sermon
Peace to all

The Worshipful Company of Dead Souls

At Bank Junction
A spirit met the Old Lady of Threadneedle Street
And she said:
You don’t belong here
But since you’re already dead I suppose it’s only fair
That I share some truths with you
And hopefully for your thoughts they’ll be food
Enough to keep you in your tomb!

You see, this city’s roots were made strong by absorbing the blood of slaves for sure
And yes, the saga continues…
But perhaps epigenetics is responsible
For my liverymen don’t mean to be so cruel

They too suffer great pain
Because comfort can’t be exchanged for peace of mind – it’s not a substitute

Indeed, generational gains they’ve accrued
But even they can’t guarantee their own future is secure
Since it’s not whether one saves or gambles that determines survival
Even Isaac Newton lost his life savings in the South Sea Bubble

However, one must endure the struggle with fortitude
But then again be careful of ‘wise’ counsel
For it’s often the tool a master will use to keep the ignoramus subdued

Big Africa On Fire (Black All Street)

After he read about the Greenwood Massacre

He figured it was probably safer to build back in Africa

But upon arrival he quickly discovered

Many people in powerful positions engaged in schemes to plunder

And a large populace that in fact looked to the perpetrator for direction on economic development, social structure and culture

And just as the US National Guard had dropped bombs on Tulsa

To destroy black capital on account of unfounded and unproved claims that one black man – a humble shoeshiner

Had made physical contact with a white woman which was tantamount to Emmett Till’s alleged wolf-whistle

Similar absurdities he had observed and found the corruption inherent in the frameworks inherited from the colonizers

Realizations that shook him to the core

And yet despite it all he didn’t lose hope

Instead he found the courage to not only cope

But to be the extinguisher to the ember which had Little Africa on Fire

Progressive Movement

when critics give the short shrift to your hopes of making good on your gifts

when your treasure falls into the hands of one like Heinz Herzer
and where it rests is not the Luxor temple but the auction table
the essence of its cultural significance erased
and all that’s left is merely an artefact
highly priced but reaved of value
like a slave sold to the highest bidder for his frame not human attributes
or the displaced who in distress seek the promised land only to end up disconnected from their ancestral heritage

when the winds of wickedness work against your will so your wishes aren’t fulfilled
when the tide turns and the future seems bleak
when all such negative things in your present reality exist

make the effort to shift your perspective
be prepared to put in the work before you expect to flourish
change your beliefs to ones that will uplift your spirit
appreciate small gains and take pleasure in setting measures for the kind of success you hope to attain

take stock of losses with a view to mitigate them on your next endeavour
aim, stake your claim and take the gamble
for the game can only be won by those that dare to play

be more respectful but perhaps a little less humble
don’t expect gratitude but always demand what’s owed you
and accept that with achievement comes a new target
because progress is a movement with never-ending challenges