On Thought Processes and the Problem of Values

The best way, I find, to further a goal or realise a vision is to focus on the story. What one wishes to express – through the sort of life they lead.

And if there’s one ingredient crucial in the cultivation of creativity, then surely, it is that quality of being honest with self. Personal aggrandisement never carries true merit; and to take the high road requires a great deal of humility.

So, knowing that you must now ensure pride never gets in the way of your story’s essence. And understand that trials do in fact add to the glory.

Let your reality be imbued with the promise of your dreams because the grander the ideal, the easier it will be to fit the shoes you’re trying to fill.

But remember, the pursuit of grand application of ideas through experiment can sometimes mirror educational brilliance devoid of ethical substance.

So be always true to your word, but do not be afraid of change. And should you let your limited wisdom inform your every action; or decide to traverse the terrain of the temporal instead of having noble aspirations, know that your success too will be short-lived like Hendrik Verwoerd’s.


Heath Muchena, 2017

On the Road to Reign ii: Randlord Route

The road to success is often strewn with struggles and full of obstacles along its course. Some unpredictable and others signposted. But all which are bound to put your will to the test; as though you were Barney Barnato who had to walk for months just to get to the Kimberley diamond fields.

Whatever challenges you’re faced with; those are the hurdles you’ll need to overcome in order to win the race. So, always be prepared to meet opportunity with zeal and be ready to do whatever it takes to seal the deal.

Maintain an unwavering optimism and have unwaning enthusiasm. Be confident that one day success will leave a sweet taste on your tongue – all flavours you desire abound.


Heath Muchena, 2017


if you don’t strive to become a good businessman
forget about being a successful artist


Heath Muchena, 2017

Of Qualities Too

The exercise of gratitude can make you both physically and mentally fit because it keeps desire in check, protects you from harmful indulgence, and shields you from the detrimental effects of selfish discontent. In fact, an appreciative attitude is the greatest aptitude, and the best quality you can exude.


Heath Muchena, 2017


the sound of rain pelting down

harmonious splatters of liquid against the window pane

a dim bedside lamp

Smokey’s A Quiet Storm playing in the back…

then out of nowhere appears a goddess in glossy grape

her gracious movement flawlessly highlighting the drape of the dress


Heath Muchena, 2017

Of Qualities

Attention is matter of degree
As much as focus is an affair of extent
In the same way fidelity is a concept of culture
While commitment is of nature’s creative impetus


Heath Muchena, 2017

A Nation of Inanition

one would be mistaken
to assume there’s a correlation between technological proliferation and widespread compassion

because on the contrary
the lack of genuine sensitivity
as evidenced by a people’s preferences
when you explore what captures their interests
and their participation in the creation of what ultimately becomes popular

the disconnected concern
the empty awareness and careless candour
objective observances of the world’s plight which never compel one to act

but act s/he will
as long as there’s a promise of pleasure


Heath Muchena, 2017