Sun-spangled Sunday iii

After every storm is the calm
So whatever restores your equilibrium
Whether a countryside walk along the pine farms
Or reflective rest under a palapa in tropical climes
Do indeed take a little time
It will do you more good than harm


Wealth is opportunity, and character is revealed by the use of it.
In fact, money is fundamentally raw material from which you can make any fabric.

Make Money Monday

maneuvering the market means understanding the workings of the interactive space in which people demand what they need and offer supply of the product of their talents

and if the inflow of income is greater than outgoings then you’re obviously in business
also, should you happen to owe no entity then you’re truly independent

a common misjudgement however, is that money is limited to the conventional functions of value reserve, means of exchange and value standard

and the doctrine that money is only what it does, instead of recognising it as the communal agreement to make use of something as a means of payment, has been to the detriment of many

so too has the desire for otherwise unnecessary possessions enslaved masses
when time and again they are told that as a business they compete for resources or markets when in fact it is money they compete for, using resources and markets

but with possession of a proper perspective on pecuniary phenomena, it’s easier to adjust your offering to fully explore potential and prosper

Heath Muchena, 2017

Going for Green

they forget that
flowers and fruits
grow in ground
made fertile by muck

and new growth develops
when a seed germinates

shoots from where the leaves sprout
to give result

all process and no luck
Heath Muchena, 2017


No one to hold
As the potassium permanganate pours
But at least it’ll dry out my superficial wounds
And restore my pride

This July
Blood fills the sky
And purple will rain
But it won’t be the end of the world


Heath Muchena, 2017

Surety Backed Confidence

Out in the cold

Holding a coffee cup by the zarf

No scarf around the neck

Or woolly to keep the dome warm

Thinking the driver better get here quick

Before I freeze my bits off trying to look like Fugger the Rich

At the fancy gathering where they’ll be talking productivity

Not that I need tips – having just finished a 98-hour work week

But since I’m intrigued by Ms…

And also wouldn’t mind learning more about the open secrets of lobbyists

I’ll bravely take on the weather

In this uncomfortable attire

Just to avoid evoking sartorial displeasure

Besides, I’ll not give them the satisfaction they seek from casual distractions

For I know all too well no one can escape the shallow scrutiny

Of those that instead of counting on you, will count you out

That rather than look up to you, will look to discredit you

The ride finally arrives

Now I’m on my way to the event

In the Uber thinking how excited I am to see her in her element

And how sweet that she makes my pride take a back seat


A distinguished woman indeed

Her reputation – speckless

Her standing – untarnished

I know no one, other than Margarita Simonyan, to have a grip on the publicity machine the way she does

And with her a bond or trust can be discussed with surety backed confidence


The other side of the brain scheming

So that I never have to face a forced exit like Travis

Thinking perhaps trust from partners I shouldn’t so much expect

But in business you don’t need trust, only cooperation


Never cared for a reputation

For what it’s worth

Too preoccupied with my own thoughts to worry about what they make of me

Besides I’m known for laying all bare

That old saying ‘what you see is what you get’

Naked truth disclosures I can afford

Since I make my living independent of they


Moving on

The ride approaches the destination

But I get the sense it is just the beginning

Wondering if tonight my love she’ll request



Heath Muchena, 2017

You don’t have to wait in line!

© Heath Muchena, 2017