Higher Desire

perceived opportunities
expand or limit ambition
and the scope of desire

so keep an ear to the ground
perform your duties to the best of your abilities
employ both reason and intuition
and always aim higher



to gain the world’s applause is never easy
but to gain the approval of one’s own conscience
without reservation, is of even greater difficulty

so, seek first, satisfaction in self-approval
and no one can put a price on your self worth

let your own estimation be the measure of success
for if not, and you unwisely surround yourself with subservient sycophants
it’ll be short-lived, surely!


only from a particular viewpoint
formed on grounds of a theory
as a result of consistent reasoning
informed by observations of social realities
can facts be organised into systematic knowledge

The True Test of Taste

The most careful analysis of however many works of art will not gift the observer with the ability to create; only through active engagement is one able to acquire both taste and skillset.

A Noble Ploy

let all that you pursue
become the labour of your heartfelt passions
so that you may find pleasure in the toil
and manifest your innermost joy

Passes on Paper

Ideally, money should furnish a populace with the means of applying their faculties in industry and commerce; while the right education empowers them to establish the appropriate premise on which to advance their civilisation.

However, in reality, pecuniary pursuits often have people primarily playing for position and power; perhaps due to the unproductive propensities promulgated by the poor architecture of their system of education.

Writing Words on Windows

opportunity exists only in a window of time
so do your best to stay on trend
and don’t get left behind

it takes a while for a grape to turn into wine
so invest more than you spend
and don’t forget to pay your tax and be kind