Self-improvement is a Movement

The noblest of aims is self-improvement
So when there is clarity of vision
Fixity of purpose
And an active pursuit of goals
The result is progress
Or a manifestation of ambitious movement


The Zone

On some blackcurrant and plum
Cabernet Sauvignon
Up early AM
Sunday morn…

Dying to rest
But living to create
’cause expression is freedom’s requisite
And confession is the only way to let go of certain things

Half Dust, Half Deity

Never wait for chances
Just take some
And surrender to nature
Remember, you’re simply a speck of its grandeur
Even with all your magnificence

And in doing so, you’ll also conquer the ego
Maybe even discover the essence
Which is after all one of life’s greatest challenges


Who will help
One who through the dissociation of self
On social media
Suffers from online personality disorder?


Bust like a Bernini sculpture
With the figure of a skater
Just what I lust after
Sylph in a loose silhouette dress
Subtle but fully loaded
Like my hardware wallet

Waiting for God at…

Wait not to be discovered
Instead prove yourself
And never measure self-worth
By another’s scale

Be weary of the voice
Which encourages an expedient choice
And work not for wages
But to impact the ages

A Week To Go Is A Week Ago

Suppose in order to live long
One has to have something to live for
Wouldn’t it be then in best interest
To build more respectable relations
And have less foes?
To have more food for thought that nourishes the soul
And less petit fours?

Because one part of education involves assimilation
And the other elimination
The value of information is always in its application
And it’s not how long it will take you but how far you will go
That will be the true measure of your work and all