Sketch for a Theory of Persistent Passions (vii)

a certain degree of privation is necessary for motivation

just as longing and desire too are often strong calls to action

so the key to persevering, is focusing on trajectory and not position

because even the achievement of a set goal won’t give quite the same satisfaction as that from the pursuit of a passion

In the net

In a social network economy
Where the business model for major platforms is arbitraging users’ attention
And where stakeholders benefit from app user addiction
Which means users’ attention has to be captured perpetually for the value proposition to flourish
In such an ecosystem, one feels there’s justification for the concerns

When user attention is bought by big tech and instantly sold to advertisers with the highest bids
In a social media market where arbitrage opportunities are always open
And where they are in fact preserved and propagated

But at what cost?
What are the consequences of hacking users’ neurocircuitry to intercept rational thinking and sound judgement?
What will happen to a civilisation whose decisions about what to seek from life
What to enquire about the world
And even how to utilise time are influenced by forces not commonly understood?
And how will online data privacy be guaranteed to users of products that are paradoxically meant to deliver highly personalised service?

A Penning on Persistence

Diversification is indemnity against poor decisions
Typically when our flawed judgement leads to the pursuit of momentary convenience
Through avoidance to pay just wherewithal for certainty or confidence

Clarity of vision is reinforcement in times of despondence
When we dolour in difficulty without a dollar or patience
When faced with derailment from the course and obstacles test our persistence

On Loot, Life & Love

(on loot and life)

whether eking out an existence with no income and struggling to succour your kin
or sitting on top of the world without worry or longing for anything
never chase money or make it the objective of your efforts or the propeller for your dreams
lest they never take flight and find yourself trapped in a world where you won’t find fulfilment

rather, wake up each morning
motivated to make the most of your time by adding value to your sphere of influence
that way instead of eluding you – wealth will warm to your intent and stay close
because like a satellite in orbit one has to balance momentum and the force of pull before things can start happening
so stay motivated, appreciative, and consistently grinding

(on love)

be worthy of loving with a purpose
and never settle but rather rejoice in the choice
to start a family or companionship of convenience and comfort
so that in marriage, friendship or amour
there’s never love lost

Normalise (No More Lies)

For most, there’s a fine line between customs and standards
But there always comes a time when we’re forced to confront the stark yet seemingly subtle contrasts
And really begin to notice flaws in some of the constructs that govern our lives

And often when we begin to perceive that things don’t fit together smoothly
Especially where it concerns religion, culture and politics
Common sense tends to typically kick in as we are forced to face the reality
Which makes things actually start to fit together more naturally

Also we learn that when evolutionary processes outpace the natural tempo of gradual assimilation and adaptation
Patterns of thought are disrupted and established practices contradicted
To the point that significant mind frame adjustments have to be realised
In order that we can be galvanized into action that’d hopefully help us normalise

Dead Peasants

Then the spirit had its say:

success is predicated on communication
and there’s no appreciation without consideration
so evaluate whether your network is truly your net worth

if not, go through that contact list and work your way down the alphabet
disconnect if they’re not your Ruth Porat
hold your own then make everyone accountable
save only those with whom real value is shared

don’t live to work
work where you live
forget free time
for the wealthy – it’s always pay time

put your residence under a corporate
and let that be your place of business
so that whoever you pay your bills to, is paid to order, on behalf of your trust
that way you can write-off some chunks

and since love is law with emotional clauses
and family is rightfully a business
it only makes sense to mind one’s own

above all, be independent
get money back for spending it
and don’t be the insured
who let other businesses (families) benefit from dead peasant life insurance

The Engine of Enrichment

if market performance is the ordinance

and exchange price is formulated speculation

we ought to seek facts and analyse sentiment on that basis before making decisions

but if sources of information flows are compromised

and know-how is manufactured or the application of it is at best swing and miss

if trust can be established on infinite variables making credibility nearly impossible to assess

how does one factor in the odds and risks

and who are the nemeses if not the market makers or participants?

The Tycoon Times

Whatever your endeavour

Remember, a revolution that won’t trigger a strong reaction

Can never bring about reformation

So pursue your passions with vigour

Captivate every listener and patiently build pillar by pillar

Never forget that every season has a frequency

Adapt, tune-in, be responsive

Anticipate unexpected developments

Forecast, focus, embrace the future

Make moves like Maurice Ashley when you maneuvre

Stash your cash, secure your assets and give to Caesar

Fill your safe with treasure but leave room for a harpoon

Because in business it’s best to stay sharp and on guard when swimming with the sharks – tycoon!

The Question of Value Investing

In our efforts to escape the stringencies of lean purses, we sometimes take upon ourselves the task of making ‘investments’. However, in our doing so, we often make many misjudgements, which almost all the time result in painful losses.

But in a labour market that rewards expedience and recognises vigour not verity or virtue; in a global market place that tolerates not a moment of vacillation, what could be more exigent than the avoidance of vicissitudes brought on by non-viable value determinations?

Now, how are we to determine value in realms of speculation? What are we ought to consider aside from the merits of any given proposition, its problem-solution, the market size, supply and demand, market cycles and forces of timing and sentiment, risks and rates of return? What should we pay attention to outside the ambient?

Imagination is Enterprise

Ingenuity in creative inventiveness is only impressive if it inspires intuitive innovation, eliminates inconvenience and empowers individuals through income enhancement. In essence, imagination should always be treated as an enterprise.