Info Motive 

Candidly they talk
Or so it seems
But I know crimson stalks
Are covered by poisonous greens


Waiting for Sunset 

Finding self is in fact the act of making self
And since error can only be found in the proof
The makeshift cannot maintain a permanent place on the shelf
Once exposed to truth

Nothing can hinder growth or jeopardise your pursuits
Unless it be your own limited mindset
So shoot for the stars child shoot
But don’t wait for sunset to try your best

Brain-based Bliss

Pay attention rather than seek it…
Nothing can be mastered without fulfilling potential or understanding your limits

Mind your own business
For, by doing this, you’ll be rewarded with the greatest form of all dividends

Is synonymous with patience
So practice your craft whenever time permits
Preferably daily
So that you’re never lacking inspiration
Since you’d have sharpened your wits and nurtured your predilection

Rather have no expectations
And only rely on your ability to adapt to different situations

O, what a simple truth
That we are but what we think
So reconcile your ideals with the reality within which you exist
And live as you’ve always wished
In brain-based bliss

The Hard Fork of Humankind

He arrived at the Port of Maputo
Carrying no more than his portmanteau
And in it were the contents he had to deliver before noon
Which is when the deadline was due
And according to the turret clock in view
He only had a few minutes to get to the venue
So he quickly but inconspicuously weaved his way through the crowds along the boardwalk
Headed towards the tunnel…

On the other side of the dock was a designated spot
She was to meet him there and usher him to the deal room
Although he maintained a cool and calm demeanour
He secretly wished the boat had sailed up a few knots
So he would’ve gotten there early enough to have at least two bottles of the famous 2M beer
And maybe his nerves would’ve been a bit more settled
But of course this was it – in a few minutes the deal would be complete…

All the time he’d spent genetically tampering with osteocrin – the bone gene
In an effort to advance medicine, or to put it bluntly, create superhuman beings
With evolved cognition due to having larger neocortex
Was finally going to pay off…

With a sense of self-gratification at the thought that he’d finally prove them wrong
He remembered his peers, who’d dismissed his research as mere madman’s dreams
For the theory would now be put to the test…

And although he was confident about the strengths of the case
In the blueprints he was about to hand over to them
He was unsure about what the future would hold
In a world where humans as they’re known today
Would be looked on with a different lense
In much the same way we view the species preceding us…

Whatever the outcome, one thing he was certain of
Is that his work would fundamentally change everything!

The Mark of a Mastermind 

Self-belief is an indispensable companion
But only organised effort yields power
And there’s no chink in your armour that a little propolis cannot fix
But you have to be willing to work as diligently as the bee – not only from 9 to 6

So in all that you do
Make sure you give more than you’re paid for
And granted, gains will come a hundredfold, in your finest hour

Offer great value and be of honourable service
And those you help will in turn make your enterprise flourish 
Because no investment in promoting your offering
Gives you a better return than an endorsement by one who has already enjoyed the benefits first-hand

And if with your cooperation success is had by another
Consider yourself fully compensated
For there’s no greater satisfaction than that derived from making a meaningful contribution

Lucky No. 11

Thankful for breath
When fresh air fills my chest
Such a treasure to cherish

Heaven on earth
When light summer rain
Splatters against the window pane

Feeling blessed
What a good year it has been

Opportunities plenty
Mindful living creates peace, contentment, and harmony within the spaces your senses inhabit

Genius is evergreen
But success only comes to the hardworking
So seek and you shall find meaning
Embedded in every scene

Thankful for being
And embracing the season

All Over Again

So glad you came
Mountain views at dawn are always grand
When I’m next to you

Started off with a little conversation
But we both knew where it’d end
In my bed

Can’t get enough of you