Sweet Sensation: A Piece on Pleasure

the inside of you
feels warm
a cacoon

of nature and nurture
a holy womb
that I want to explore
your world, your folds
right here, left there
between your legs

a freak for you
dog on a full moon
expressions a tad crude
but hope it’s clear so you don’t have to assume
in case we never see the sun set

my dear
let our bodies connect
let’s unite
and cast away all fear

ride the wave of passion
feel it in the air
incandescent desire everywhere

but really what is pleasure
if not the sweet sensations we’re forever trying to measure


To Make or Mar a Man

the spirit in which you take hold of a task at hand
be it urgent or less important
can make or mar you
making all the difference

and your attitude when tackling your work
will determine the quality and efficiency of the undertaking

also remember that a humdrum existence will create weakness of character
so don’t wait until you’re driven to desperation
to live your life with fervency and vigour

A Note for November

looked at a pic
of young me
and saw in my eyes then
the same I see now…

a wanting to know
a bold flair…

I swear
since I can remember
I’ve been wanting to win
that nothing in the world could be so intimidating
as to deter me from any mission

I swear
God forbid
I ever make enemies
for I’d pull up on them one deep
and sell them peace

I just can’t stand a loss
if I can help it
and will avoid at any cost
uncalculated risk
that’s why I pick my stocks
like Eddie Carl of Brown Capital
with thought – not hope
because death is the only odd I can never beat

and if ever there’s a chance
I’m gon take it
and you’ll find me there
in the trenches
toasting to inevitable victory…

puffing on leonotis leonurus
sipping MCC
yet ploughing through
and wading the quagmire
passion lit
soul on fire
never stopping
only at my heart’s desire

earning it
since if not the summit
then I’d rather be six feet under
and take that how you wanna
’cause this is just a note for November
you dig? šŸ˜‰

Our World

the direction
which ultimately determines the destiny of any civilisation
is definitively decided by one core driver
that is – universal desire

Thought is Force

Let not your success rise higher than your confidence in self, but rather, let your self-respecting ways reflect the level of regard with which you hold yourself.

Assert your superiority over the environment and be the master and not a slave to circumstances, for when the unwavering belief in yourself meets the enemies of achievement, they – fear, doubt, and indecision – have no choice but to succumb to your indomitable will.

Understand that often misery and even poverty are self-invited. So don’t waste time dreading disaster lest it confronts you; instead keep worry away or else it will enfeeble your creative powers and keep you from realising that which a mind focused on progress would otherwise. And if your wishes are not supported by effort and endeavour then be not surprised at your chargrin when met with failure.

Listen not to their disparaging remarks, but take note of constructive criticism and remain resolute in your vision, whatever your business.

Constantly affirm your inherent right and ability to prosper and unfavorable conditions will soon give way to conducive ones, ensuring your success!

Higher Desire

perceived opportunities
expand or limit ambition
and the scope of desire

so keep an ear to the ground
perform your duties to the best of your abilities
employ both reason and intuition
and always aim higher